July 31, 2009

elephantjournal.com Reviews: Netflix video rental vs. supporting your local, independent video store.

To Netflix Or Not To Netflix.

I just signed up for Netflix. Why?  ‘Cause I’m too undisciplined for cable, but I like to watch the occasional movie.  And my local, independent video stores charge $4/per and gives you one, or at most two nights to return before late fees kick in.

Netflix is simple. $18/month gets you as many videos as you can watch, 3 at a time, delivered to your door.  No late fees.  No time going to and searching through and arguing at and wandering around in and returning from the video store. It’s brilliant—so much so that Big Bad Blockbuster has had to tag along.  Ant that’s why I’ve signed up.  Because, just the way I voted Gore and Kerry back in the day, I know the lesser of two evils is damned good.

From elephant journal, Winter 2005.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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