August 23, 2009

A Sea Change in Gay Civil Rights in Christian Community!

“I’m sick to my stomach,” said the Rev. Rich Mahan from Charleston, W.Va.

As reported in today’s NY Times, the American Lutheran Church is deciding—right now—whether it will allow openly gay pastors. Signs point toward “yes.” This despite, or because of, last year’s decision by the Episcopal Church to do the same, which resulted not only in more inclusion and evolution but in the loss of, get this, 100,000 members and the formation of a new, more conservative Episcopalian Church.

Here’s the article, worth a read.

I’ve been wanting to check out a Norman Rockwell-old timey beautiful old uplifted church for a long time here in Boulder, Colorado, and want to do at one that is sure that God is about love, and mercy, and inclusion, and not outdated rigid judgement. Where should I go?

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Read 6 comments and reply

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