August 14, 2009

Eco Cigarettes?

Nat Sherman Cigarettellos: Killing you Softly.

Is there a tradition of Mindfully Smoking?

For years I smoked the occasional Nat Sherman Cigarettello, the best cigarette on planet earth. They’re natural, meaning that though they’re obviously still awful for you, they don’t have chemical additives including one commonly used in other conventional brands that’s basically rat poison (seriously). Shermans have been around forever—Humphrey Bogart smoked ’em, as did FDR. Visiting their HQ display near the NYC Public Library was like visiting a shrine, for me. They’re dignified, they straighten you out and clear your mind. Perhaps it’s being mindful of the breath, but smoking has long been part of spiritual traditions (think: peace pipe).

And if you want to quit, but can’t, there’s no better way than getting these brown, sugar papered, long-smoking, filterless (smooth, don’t worry) rich-tobacco-smelling alternatives to The Man (Camel, Parliaments, they’re all owned by big multinational puppy-killers). Why? Because they’re enjoyable, fulfilling, take forever to smoke (because they’re natural, you can put ’em out after half, put ’em back in gorgeous box, relight ’em later on and they smell/taste fine). Before you know it, you’ll be smoking less, enjoying it more, and more mindfully. And before you know it, like me, you may not want to smoke anything, at all, anymore.

Cigarettellos Non-Filter Brown
The brand that started it all, Cigarettellos is a true “American Style” blend. This popular “nutty” and sweet smoke has become a signature style for all Nat Sherman cigarettes and continues to create loyal Nat Sherman smokers. An unfiltered 101mm Queen Size cigarette wrapped in brown maduro paper.
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