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on Aug 6, 2009
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Amazing Grains

Local’s Best.

Have you ever noticed how even the most sugary gut-bomb pastry can become appetizing when you’re confined to a coffee shop and craving a snack? For hungry café goers in Boulder, Amazing Grains Bakery offers healthy, organic and super tasty alternatives that will satiate your inner urge for yumminess without the sugar overdose that comes with most pastries. For those outside of the local Boulder-bubble, look for your own bakeries and encourage them to go organic.

Via Marisa Ware­–elephant journal, Fall 2007

Elephant Journal, Fall 2007


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2 Responses to “elephantjournal.com Reviews: Amazing Grains.”

  1. I love Amazing Grains–especially their oat millet squares. It's always a treat to see them at Boulder Cafes and I hope that they spread to the rest of the country, too!

  2. Myron Syms says:

    Has anybody been to Germany and visited any bio (organic) bakery ? They bake the same amazing breads and pastries as any other German Bakery but all of it is organic. Why does organic have to mean dense and clunky . It's been 29 years since I baked in Boulder and nothing changes.