August 22, 2009

Is destroying things Manly? Is caring for our earth a sign of weakness?

Hummers are “Gay.”

There’s nothing inherently manly about driving a Hummer, which consumes Middle Eastern oil and sends jobs out of the US…nor is it particularly tough to eat a restaurant-served or store-bought dead steak.

You want macho? Protect the earth!

An ironic contemplation of gender-biased, fundamentally-contradictory appelations.

Steaks aren’t manly. Vegans are hardcore. Tree-huggin’ hippies are tough—they’re fighting The Man. Gay is confident. Macho is insecure. Raw and open and vulnerable is brave—bigoted and prejudiced and closed is too easy.

It’s time for some new paradigms. It takes strength to nurture. It takes toughness to create. Destroying stuff is easy. If you’re insecure, the best thing you can do (and the most ineffective) is to overcompensate. Big car, small…


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Read 22 comments and reply

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