Qi Gong is the Alphabet

Via Michael Levin
on Aug 2, 2009
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Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast

Imagine yourself at the beautiful coast. Looking down, your view is full of things. Looking up, the view clears and becomes simpler, less busy, calmer. That’s what each movement of Qi Gong brings to you. Qi Gong brings focus. Purpose. Qi Gong eliminates what clutters your mind and body. What’s left is filled with what you’re looking for…

Trail Along Oregon Coast
Trail Along Oregon Coast

Wear loose, comfortable clothes. Take deep breaths. Qi Gong is something you can do alone or in a group. Let me tell you a little about my experience. I dropped by the Seaside Hostel in Seaside, Oregon. Seeing a flyer that said “Qi Gong at 9am every morning” is what convinced me to stick around.

Oregon Coastal View
Oregon Coastal View

Admittedly, the area is dramatic. Scenic. Changing every minute. Warm, then colder. Windy, then calm. I looked around and saw a poster with some Qi Gong moves described.

Wu Ji from www.hawaiiyoga.com
Wu Ji

Lift up, press down

Draw in, push away

Pull in. push to sides

Pull in. push up

Push in to front / sides

Sunrise, sunset

Hip circles

Knee circles

Wind mills

Rowing the boat

Archer pulls bow

Stirring the pot

Two rams butt heads

Climbing the ladder

Combing horses mane

Half horse drop

Tiger embraces mountain

Repulse monkey



Stork lands on pond

Holding the barrel

Pushing clouds

Bamboo in wind

Ape swings through trees

Fire hands

Holding the ball

Throwing the net of joy

Ball press

Combing your halo

Storage sounds

Standing stake

Lotus hands

Qi Gong with Trung
Qi Gong with Trung

Let me try to remember the details. Trung told us: Standing on heels versus balls of feet is different. One is submissive and another is aggressive. We moved our hands like we were holding a ball. A ball of energy. Left and right. Always breathing. Breathing deeply. We went through many moves. These moves comprised the set of exercises. This was my Qi Gong experience. Let me hear about yours! I’d like to hear more about what the parts of Qi Gong add up to for you. What words to Qi Gong’s alphabet spell for you?


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2 Responses to “Qi Gong is the Alphabet”

  1. Trung says:

    Thank you, Michael, for a lovely article. Guests like you make the hard work of runnung a hostel worthwhile!

    Movements of the entire body, be it Chi Gong or any other man-made label is healthful. The river taught me this principle long ago that "where there's flow there's no debris". This applies to our internal fluid system as well as mental processes. As Trung always says "the Internet is gathering place for thoughts, thrift stores for material goods, and hostels for people," do visit/revisit our magical place and share all of the above.

  2. […] idea of going out to the Seaside Hostel to visit my friend and proprietor Trung, who taught me some Qi Gong on my last visit. As it turns out, a Swiss guy was game to drive to Seaside, so we all piled into […]