August 16, 2009

Why do we avoid Yoga Practice?

I’ve fallen off the Yoga wagon. How do I get back on?

Lately, my yoga mat has been lonely, rolled up, dusty—and yet not forgotten, I think about how I’m not practicing every day. One of my new favorite blogs, Shanti Love Yoga, knows why I’m resisting, procrastinating, unable to get back:

Practice Practice Practice!

sometimes i don’t feel like it. the very idea of getting on my mat is just … AHHHH!

why is that? i love practicing yoga! and once i’m on my mat, i never want to leave. i think that as much as it’s good for me (and it’s very good for me), it’s such a mindful practice that i’m forced to address problems or issues that i’m not always in mood to deal with in that moment – that tight spot in my shoulder, why is that there? my mind, why is it racing instead of being here now? my breath, where did it go?

but as many times as i’ve felt less-than-thrilled to hit the mat, the number of times i’ve left feeling disgruntled with my practice is few. yes, sometimes it feels like a chore instead of a beautiful, moving meditation. but that’s ok. i made the effort, and part of being mindful is being aware of those feelings. i keep thinking of that quote from the bhagavad gita, “…even a little of this practice…”.

“even a little” is exactly right. i used to feel like if i didn’t get in an hour and a half long class, then i didn’t really do yoga that day – like my 30 minutes at home didn’t really count. but most of us can’t make it to the studio every day, and part of this process is achieving balance and harmony in your life. so whether you have two spare hours to go to a class or five minutes at home, you’re doing it. practice, practice, practice!

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