elephant journal dot com and the case of the Top Ten Lists.

Brand new little-but-fast-growing elephantjournal.com named to 11 “best US twitter” lists, best Green Video Series, best Green New Media, best Natural Products blog, best Yoga Blog, best Buddhist blog…oh my. In past six months.

This #ecomonday, @elephantjournal was just named as a Top US Green Twitterer.

Over the past six months, we’ve now been named to 11 “best of” lists. Our success, modest as it is (we’re only followed by 9,000, as opposed to @wholefoods, which is followed by 900,000) may have made the difference between dying, surviving and thriving as we’ve made the leap/fall from old to new media.

Since I’m beginning to lose track, and friends and colleagues keep asking who’s named us to what when I’m bragging (constantly) in an attempt to win advertising dollars, I thought I’d compile the list here.

With sincere thanks to the below, here goes.

I’ve forgotten about a few, and will add them in when I’m reminded or when I remember. And if you add us to a list, please do let us know at editorial at elephantjournal dot com and we’ll add you to this list, with link. This post will be continually updated as/if we’re named to additional lists.

Lastly, because we are all, together, shaping and mapping and feeling about in the dark in this new media world…it’s like exploring the Wild West, perhaps, only virtually—wide open spaces and opportunities and no clear way that it’ll hang together yet, old big companies dying and new nobodies thriving…well we’ve writ a few lists of our own:

  • Top 10 Boulder Twitter Users to Follow.
  • Top 10 Green Twitter Tweeters.
  • Top 10 Yoga Tweeters.
  • Here’s a new one:
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    Deborah Landis May 25, 2015 1:51pm

    Yes, I understand. I've been fighting this battle, most of my life, 40 years. I'm sad that we can't do more to save these Gentle Giants. They are smarter than us and they take care of their families much better than us. Let them live so they can raise their young.

    Deborah May 25, 2015 1:28pm

    Thank you for celebrating elephants. Keep people around the world informed of elephants' status. We must not murder elephants anymore. They are relying on us (human beings) to keep them safe. How can anyone sacrifice an elephant for ivory? They trust us. Poachers are not seeing the demise. We need to have a more punitive punishment for poachers. Jail time does not hurt them. Let's treat the poachers like they treat our elephants; cutoff their faces and leave them in the wild to die.

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