Gearing-Up For Winter.

Via Elise Ertel
on Sep 26, 2009
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Bearded Hat

The Bearded Hat.

With the recent winteresque weather gracing the Colorado Front Range, I find myself considering the many ways I am going to make my winter-wear environmentally friendly.

Taking a cue from my boyfriend who annually sports a mountain-man beard while the weather is nippy, I realized that the most cost-effective and waste-saving method of winter dress is a combination of the hat and scarf. Cue the Bearded Hat.

Part viking, part woolly mammoth, the Bearded Hat will keep your head and face warm while you merrily chant the “HO HO HO” characteristic of our favorite Christmastime figure (I suppose it is reminiscent of Jesus, too).

Here is a collection of Bearded Beauties:




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2 Responses to “Gearing-Up For Winter.”

  1. ndsmith says:

    I love how this picture wound up on the two featured posts of the day. I thought someone had come and drawn virtual mustaches all over elephantjournal!

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