September 17, 2009

Herb Gardens for the Gardening-Challenged.

Finally! A garden that requires virtually no work and still yields the glorious bounty of herbal delights. A new, and totally innovative design from CJ Chapman addresses the frustrations of seed planting and soil maintenance in his newest creation, The Herb Roll.

The design aims to make home food production as simple as possible and easy to maintain for busy individuals and families. The design features a mat pre-treated with fertilizer on its underside and a series of seed pouches which slowly biodegrade over time.

Essentially, the herb seeds are implanted into the cardboard (which I can only assume is recycled) and over time, the seed mother-ship absorbs into the soil as your sprouts begin to grow. So, if you don’t mind people wondering why you are watering sections of cardboard, this herbal garden option would be great for you.

Although this is an appealing option for someone responsible for the death of a cactus, bamboo plant and inevitably, a ficus, no innovative design can ever replace the old standard of traditional planting. However, if this gives you the little nudge you need to be propelled into a life of sustainable growing, go-go Herb Roll!

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Read 1 comment and reply

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