September 3, 2009

Someone Breathes: A Yoga Love Story Part 1

A meditation on the romance of divine masculine and feminine archetypes.


Their names were Sum and One.

Sum was a yogi, a monk, a sage, but he wore no robes and his head was not shaved. He didn’t even own a mala. While he possessed the strength to move mountains, he chose to conceal it under the rags of a beggar. Sum once saved an old woman from being hit by a bus using just his mind and one hand. While she was making her way across the street during a rainstorm, a large bus was about to barrel through her path, but Sum simply raised his palm in the face of the driver and the bus was stopped.

One was a goddess, bright as the full moon on a clear night. Her beauty was so striking, it was mandatory for the sake of all men’s desires that she wear a veil at all times. She, too, held the power to move mountains, but in a much gentler fashion, one of intent, command, and direction. Under her dark veil and torn olive dress, she wore the most prized gems and crystals no man had ever seen. One possessed uncomprehensible talents in the mystic arts, a manipulator of fire and emotions. To reveal her eyes to a man or woman, they would instantly be healed of any ailments.

They were on a timeless pilgrimage to a place they’d never seen but always knew existed. With not a dime to their name and no friends or family to speak of, they walked barefoot, invisible to the naked eye. They ate only purple grapes, drank no water, and each breathed only one full breath every three hours. On trains and planes they crossed the western continent, the pacific ocean and the eastern plains, and their attention was never released from each other along the way. Each day, at sunrise, they massage and kissed each other’s feet, while honouring and worshipping every subtle particle in their collective body, mind, and soul. Moment by moment, their seperateness was released into the silence of oneness. When the situation would arise, Sum would place his body in a puddle of mud for One to cleanly cross. One was grateful indeed, partaking fully in this ritual of love, but in reality, she cared not for the cleanliness of her own body, for she had already transcended the physical plane. They were connected to one another telepathically; they had no need for speech. Eventually, they forgot all words.

Sum and One reached the ancient mountain range above the Ganges River, near Kailash, the home of Lord Shiva. Barefoot still, they trekked through the snow, leaving steaming pools of footprints behind in their path. Deep in the mountains, where few mortals had been, they climbed the side of a triangular mountain peak, finding their destination, a small cave waist high at the entrance, but tall enough to stand once inside. On the ground lay one tiger’s skin and a stick of incense. One lit the incense with her mind and motioned Sum to make himself comfortable. He sat onto the skin in the lotus position and closed his eyes…

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