A lesson in manners. (Hint: don’t honk at grandma).

Via elephant journal
on Oct 29, 2009
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Hint: don’t honk at grandma, don’t be That Guy.

Is the below video real? I think so.


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14 Responses to “A lesson in manners. (Hint: don’t honk at grandma).”

  1. liz says:

    this is funnier every time i watch it. love how gamma doesn't even look back. so cool.

  2. Kelsi says:

    That is FANTASTIC

  3. I hope this is real, although it would be pretty good even if it was staged.

    This is one of those things everyone should see. I'm going to put out some links.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Bob Weisenberg
    http://Yoga Demystified.com

  4. LindaSama says:

    reminds me of my dear old granny….now I know where I get it from….

  5. Liz the Aunt says:

    I wish Waylon's grandma was still using her computer. She would get a kick out of this!!

  6. Bad News Bear says:

    This is so totally fake, sorries

  7. elephantjournal says:

    this Grandmother <3's it!

  8. Roger Wolsey says:

    unfortunately, it is my understanding that it was an advertisement for Ikea. besides air bags don't deploy with such a mild bump and when they do, they deploy much faster and explosively and there is much dust in the cabin of the car and the person would be covered with white dust afterward. but… cool vid none-the-less! : D

  9. rachel says:

    If my grandma were still alive, she would be gifted a purse full of white dust for such an occasion.

  10. Let's not say fake, let's say "humorous art"!

    Bob W.