October 29, 2009

Celebrity “Posers” Present Yoga Poses.

Looking for a new way to connect with your yoga mat? Yogamatic, the eco-mat company, has created a series of five-minute videos called “Posers” to provide ways to approach yoga and its principles through the interviews of some of Los Angeles most prominent personalities.

You can tune into a video interview with Mariel Hemmingway, describing how she incorporates yoga into every aspect of her life, such as cooking, and see her demonstrate a beautiful Natarajasana in her backyard. Also, you could watch Brad Warner, writer, punk rocker and Zen Buddhist, discuss meditation and sitting positions.

The series was created by Yogamatic as a way for yoga to become more accessible ( with its availability on YouTube) and also as a clever marketing technique for the company.

Yogamatic is the first company to make ecologically sound yoga mats that are fully customizable. Their designs are different and fun, but mostly personal, a fact reflected in the video series. Yogamatic has completed a whole first season of “Posers” and is currently in pre-production of their second season.

Posers features musicians, lifestyle experts, actors and other well-known people in the entertainment industry, while also focusing on very basic techniques that anyone can try. The interviewer, Alexandra Aitken, is a KRI Kundalini instructor in Los Angeles, who recently shed her London party-girl lifestyle in favor of yoga.  Now she gets to talk yoga with all sorts of interesting people and cruise around in “Buzz” the Yogamatic mascot car, a jaunty orange 1959 Messerschmitt.

Be sure to check out “Posers”  on YouTube. We’ll be expecting that after doing so, people will be practicing the breathing exercises described by yogini, Kia Miller, or the seated twists used by singer/songwriter Michelle Branch. “Posers” reminds us that five minutes are enough to change our day; a good message for sure.

Here are a few videos from the Yogamatic YouTube page:

Brad Warner:

Michelle Branch:

Mandy Ingber:

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