October 13, 2009

Delightful and Inspiring Books for Yogis and Yoginis. ~ via Sandja Brügmann

Recommendations made by the Boulder Bookstore staff

The book world of yoga and other spiritual pursuits can be an overwhelming sea of opportunities. One of my favorite things to do is browse our local Boulder Bookstore and delve into the universe of adventures and lives of books, authors, far away places and enlightened beings. I talked with Nicole and Karina, both employees at the Boulder Bookstore, who live and breathe books. Below are some of their top recommendations specifically focused on the yogic path.

Nicole Dunas, Boulder Bookstore, Yoga Journal Conference Bookstore Manager recommends:

Fire of Love, Aadil Palkhivala

Written in simple prose with over a thousand quotes in the margins, this book is full of Aadil Palhivala’s wisdom and yogic mastery. Palkhivala, who began studying yoga with B.K.S. Iyengar at age seven, generously draws on his wealth of experience to offer insight. Each chapter is thoughtfully constructed with themes such as “respect,” “integrity,” and “trust,” and can be used to structure a series of classes or home practices. Whether for its practical asana advice, or moving life examples, I think this book is a terrific resource for yoga student and teacher alike. As a teacher, I use it nearly daily!

Yogini, Janice Gates

This books offers heart warming accounts of the lives of 17 profound yoginis—Angela Farmer, Indra Devi, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, and others–and is full of wisdom received through years of practice. Each woman offers teachings unique to her experience, making this book a true treasure for anyone seeking a deeper grasp of the feminine journey to light, joy and empowerment.

Yoga: Science of the Soul, Osho

A deep look at the first book of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, this book will be inspiring to practitioners seeking to understand aspects of yoga that move beyond bodily postures and breath work. Osho’s prose are easy to digest and inspiring, while maintaining grace and power.

The Gift, Hafiz

A true celebration of sufi thought, these poems speak directly to the heart and penetrate doubt. I find myself consistently inspired by the mixture of Hafiz’s passion, wisdom, and unabashed love. What strikes me more than anything else, perhaps, is the clear sense that Hafiz’s love does not stop short.

Karina Wratschko, Boulder Bookstore, Yoga Journal Conference Bookseller recommends:

Yoga as Medicine, Timothy McCall

This book offers specific yogic advice for common ailments from of a variety of master yoga teachers. It’s a great reference tool, offering useful practices for a large variety of conditions.

Meditations from the Mat, by Gates, Rolf & Kenison, Katrina

This book is filled with 365 quotations that lead to thoughtful passages, which delve into various aspects of yoga philosophy. As a novice yogini, I find myself inspired daily by the original perspectives of yogic thought.

You can also purchase the books online at the Boulder Bookstore Website.

Good reading!

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