October 21, 2009

Green Restaurants: Larkburger goes with Renewable Choice Energy Wind-Power.

Wind-Generated Energy Accounts for 100% of Larkburger’s Electricity.

Larkburger, the Vail Valley and Boulder-based quick-gourmet burger restaurant, announced today that wind-power now generates 100% of the electricity needs for its two Colorado restaurant locations.

As of September 1, 2009, the company is offsetting electric energy use through wind-power broker Renewable Choice Energy Inc. of Boulder, Colo., which

“…connects wind-power producers with wind-power consumers.”

Larkburger has purchased 201,000-kilowatt hours of wind-power, to date.

“Larkburger is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint, and using a renewable energy source reinforces this,” said Larkburger President Adam Baker. “From all-natural ingredients to compostable corn cups and containers to reclaimed wood paneling on walls to purchasing wind-power credits, it’s important to us to be as progressive as we can.”

About Larkburger

Driven by wholesome food and an eco-friendly philosophy, Larkburger’s menu items and daily operations are designed around a natural experience. Larkburger uses natural ingredients including Cattlemen Select Black Angus ground beef, heartland soybeans and natural Breyers’ ice cream. All of the company’s packaging is compostable, including PLA corn cups and spudware utensils.

*Note: we’re not sure if the cows are grass-fed, and PLA compostable cups are made of GMO corn, which we’re not huge fans of.

Larkburger also recycles its canola oil for automotive fuel, utilizes efficiency-rated commercial appliances and panels its walls with reclaimed Monterey Cypress. As the restaurant grows, Larkburger is committed to improving its eco-friendly practices, building responsibly, using sustainable, recyclable and renewable materials and decreasing waste.

Larkburger Menu

Larkburger’s menu includes a 100% Cattlemen’s Select Black Angus ground beef, turkey, tuna and portabella mushroom burgers, grilled cheese sandwich and children’s items, salads and soy beans, Breyers’ milkshakes, beer, fountain sodas and the ever-popular truffle and parmesan hand-cut fries.

“Larkburger is committed to serving the ultimate, most wholesome burger that is made fresh and fast,” stated Baker. “By focusing our efforts, we are able to offer a small menu of superb choices at affordable prices. We’re doing one thing, and doing it right.”

About Renewable Choice Energy

Renewable Choice helps businesses and individuals understand and reduce their environmental impact with renewable energy and other clean technology solutions. Renewable sells wind energy credits to businesses and homes since wind farms can’t physically deliver wind-powered electricity directly to restaurant locations. Renewable buys credits from wind farms across the country, including ones in Colorado.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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