December 14, 2009

Whole Foods Republicans.

The Wall Street Journal calls for a new kind of GOP.

The Wall Street Journal, drifting right since its purchase by He Who Shall Not Be Named (who also did in Myspace back in its heyday, when he bought it up from the kids who founded it), just let forth a rather high-minded, intelligent, independent-minded article urging Republicans not to keep dumbing down, but to begin cultivating those with college educations, progressive lifestyles and conservative politics.

The article takes a swipe or two at the dumbed-down political characters of Dubya and Palin, and gives Mr. Whole Foods himself some big props (seems Whole Foods’ CEO just got himself in good with the other half of the nation, not a bad strategy after all?).

Ride your bike, the article, says—but vote against healthcare reform. Buy organic, patronize farmers’ markets (which are run and owned by…farmers, you know, can’t get more All-American than that)…but fight all this climate change brouhaha. Embrace diversity, don’t tell racist jokes…but continue to fight against Big Government (though Republicans consistenly expand government far more than Democrats, ironically).

Read the WSJ “Whole Foods Republicans” article here. I did, and I loved it.

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