It’s a Buddha! Breaking News: Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche + Sakyong Wangmo, Khandro Tseyang are…

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on Feb 19, 2010
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sakyong baby wife

A Little Buddha. A Baby King or Queen of Shambhala.

The Shambhala Stork is scheduled to arrive in August.

…at the ripe young age of 47 (Sol Halpern and I think that’s it, anyway), Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche just announced, on Shambhala Day, the celebration of the Eastern New Year of the Tiger, that he and his Lady are expecting a child. The first trimester having been completed, it’s safe to spread the joyous word that reinforcements to the enlightened society generally and the Sakyong‘s Shambhala Buddhist lineage specifically are on the way.

By this merit

May all attain peace

May it defeat the enemy, mistaken thinking and harmful actions

From the stormy waves of being born, aging and dying

From the ocean of suffering and confusion may it be of benefit!

shambhala baby stork sakyong

Hip hip Hoooooray!

Hip hip Hoooooray!

Hip hip Hoorrraaaaaay!

PS: big love to my childhood best friend Noel McLellan and his lovely wife, Marguerite, who are this very day giving birth to their second child, a Shambhala New Year’s Tiger Valentine baby!

Bonus Videos:

Photo slideshow below via my poor iPhone’s camera from this morning’s Boulder Shambhala Center celebration, where we were joined by our Congressman, Jared Polis, as well as Lady Kunchok, the Sakyong’s momma, and Kanjura Shibata Sensei, looking spry and outgoing. Also, of course, the Vajradhara Thangka loomed over all of us, and somehow felt like the shrine room was ready for an updating and sprucing up, rather than a change being a negative thing, or sad thing, which has been a bit of my feeling up to know, though I trust in Rinpoche’s judgement and vision generally.

Photos include that of our director, Ulrike Halpern; Jesse Grimes and others lighting the lhasang; a new members’ oath; Sol Halpern giving an inspiring talk about how for his children, these are the Golden Days; our President Richard Reoche’s international address where he talked about having genuine disagreements but not giving up on each other, and keeping our hearts open; I’d invited Congressman Polis to join us, and he bought a practice book for the year of the Tiger, the new snow on the ground this morning when we all woke up, my annual post-Shambhala Day macchiato at the Buddhist-owned Trident Cafe & Booksellers, etc.

Professional photos to come via Marv Ross. I’ll also be cross-posting the final draft for the Shambhala Times.


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9 Responses to “It’s a Buddha! Breaking News: Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche + Sakyong Wangmo, Khandro Tseyang are…”

  1. Jody Z says:

    thanks for getting the news and photos up like the speed of light, Waylon. Cheerful Shambhala Day to you,
    Jody Z in Austin

  2. deirdrest says:

    Please do not confuse the Birth of a Warrior with sangha members heart felt connection to the Vajradhara Thangka. These are really two very separate issues.
    I think that Trungpa Rinpoche would be very disappointed with associating the birth of another grandchild to "updating and sprucing up the shrine room".
    I do hope that the Thangka that was commissioned by him and blessed my many lineage holders of many traditions can remain where it was placed for many kalapas. I also hope that my children, grand children and great grand children can sit in front of this thangka and receive the same blessings as you and I have experienced.
    On another note as a journalist it might be best not to take such a hard core stand on these issues. You may want to
    investigate and report on what happened the day we as as a sangha closed on the PIC building – the roof almost blew off that night. I don`t think anything that Eva Wong might say can have anything to do with the sacredness of that evening and in particular where sacred objects should be placed. Trungpa Rinpoche knew (and still does) exactly what he was doing.
    Cheerful Losar.
    By this merit may all obtain omniscience
    May it defeat the enemy, wrong doing
    From the stormy waves of birth old age sickeness and death
    From the oceans of samsara
    May I free all beings

  3. Thanks, D.

    I wouldn't say what we're doing here is proper journalism—far from it. This is a glorified blog.

    We're about communication, community, and yes, opinion (like, we think Climate Change is real, and bad). Journalism involves research, as you say, which requires salaries, which requires subscriptions, newsstand sales, and advertising. We don't even cover in advertising (we have zero subs or newsstand sales) what it costs to maintain a simple staff, office or my mortgage. Thanks, though.

    For far more info on the Thangka situation, you can click the link above, which has letters from senior students as well as Shambhala Administration, instead of merely reacting to what little I said, above.

    What I think is of little merit or consequence—I was just passing along what I was feeling, sitting in that room in front of Lady Kunchok, Sensei, and besides Congressman Polis, and below Vajradhara.

  4. Talking with Mr. Waltcher and Mr. Silberstein at a New Year's Brunch here in Boulder, we just figured that our Queen is a Tiger, our King is a tiger, and the baby will be born in the year of the tiger. Watch out, world!

  5. Thanks for posting this Waylon. Many of us who did not have internet connection or video could not hear President Reoch and got disconnected from the Sakyong's address midway through. Big News!

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  7. swati jr* says:

    so neat. no timely! wow.

  8. gwenbell says:

    Well dang if that didn't bring on the tears. What wonderful news.

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