What could be more ’70s than Queen + bicycle + cocaine + gratuitous nudity?

Via elephant journal
on Feb 26, 2010
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Bonus: Guy sounds just like Freddie Mercury (youtube.com)

queen bicycle naked bike videoqueen naked cyclists women bicycle bike video

Queen – Bicycle Race by Leo59

Queen + gratuitous female nudity = Greatest Bicycle Video of All-Time.

I want to ride my Bicycle, I want to ride my Bike. I want to ride my Bicycle I want to ride it where I Like.

This video—this thing—this artifact of the late 70s (early 80s?) is so…the lyrics so simple, childlike, random and horrible, the coming together of Queen with gratuitous female nudity so odd…it may result in satori. That’s a Zen thing, a state of Don’t-Know-Mind or, as it’s more commonly known these days, WTF.

Thanks for the heads up to: The Whoah.


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29 Responses to “What could be more ’70s than Queen + bicycle + cocaine + gratuitous nudity?”

  1. Hard to comment on, but enjoyable. Here's to fat-bottoms!

  2. Ok, here's the problem. I refer a lot of people to Elephant Journal. Many times I don't even know who I'm referring because I'm doing it on a Yoga Journal blog or Twitter or Facebook or my own blog.

    I'm not personally upset by nudity on Elephant Journal, but I know that the readers I refer to Elephant are not expecting to happen to click on a page of naked women, and they would rightly be upset at me for sending them here.

    If you are going to continue to do this I will reluctantly have to stop referring and linking en masse to Elephant Journal. Is this really necessary to be hip, and aren't you perhaps underestimating the downside risk? Is this some kind of Boulder standard that perhaps doesn't play well in the rest of the country? I don't know of any other major sites where I need to worry about referrals in this way.

    Bob Weisenberg

  3. Thanks for your concern, Bob. I don't know how they'd click on this post (with the lead photo, from the album, and the title mentioning Queen and nudity) without expecting an extremely gay, fun, wild, nude video that's already on youtube for all to see. There's 50,000 other blogs for them to click on.

  4. I guess it's a marketing decision, really. I just want to make sure you're making it consciously and not out of lack of awareness. This kind of thing will certainly severely restrict your market in some areas. I assume you are calculating that will be more than made up for by greater expansion in others. But if you're doing it just because it's fun and haven't thought about the market implications, I respectfully suggest you do.


  5. No, no, no. This link completely misses my point.

    Sexy is fine. Almost every magazine is sexy. I'm just talking about full nudity. That's where the potential market problem is.

  6. Robbie says:

    I wouldn’t recommend riding a bike naked, it’s a pain in the general crotch region. But I do recommend listening to Queen, naked. Did I just say that? I mean… I want to ride my bicycle.

  7. cliff says:

    pure funny beautiful poetry. and Queen just rocks like all of our little inner rockstars want to when they're first born. cool. thumbs up.

  8. Okay, well ordinarily that's handled by putting NSFW in the title, in the blogosphere. This one, since it said nude or whatever, I figured covered any shock factor. I always try and be particularly mindful, or careful, about how we present anything like this…my greatest fear is not losing readers, which is obviously horrible for any publication…but losing readers because, unwittingly, we're contributing to something that goes against our ethos or mission.

    So our general tact is to present whatever we think fun or controversial or even inappropriate (like some AA ads) and then comment as fits. In this case, I thought the nudity was sufficiently fuzzy and safe, it being on youtube and all, and the poster, while awwwesome, seemed so arch or flip or fun as to not fall into objectification—but almost rather making fun of it. Esp seeing as it came from, well, Queen, who are about as far off from frat boyland as my momma, who raised me to (love and) respect women.

  9. Perhaps I'm just not up-to-date on internet magazine standards. My point of reference is print media, where virtually every publication avoids nudity just to avoid upsetting anyone. Many are racier than any nudity would be, but that's clearly not the measure.

    Is online media really that different than what Rolling Stone, Esquire, People, Cosmopolitan etc. face? I'm starting to feel I'm just off base, since no one else seems to be concerned for you.

    Thanks for your response.

  10. Steve says:

    I think I'm offended by what can only be described as "atrocious" lyrics. I think give this the "zen like" tag might be a stretch. I actually turned the volume off and began to enjoy it. Cheers!

  11. I did say they were horrible! And Queen is always a stretch, in everything, right down to their polyester.

  12. Online is more open, a la European print standards. There's usually just fair warning given, clear titles.

    I thought about it and think that the big vintage poster is a big shocking, so I put it into a slideshow formation where you can't really see anything unless you decide to click. At that point, it's your responsibility. Thanks for continuing to make sure we're mindful-as-can-be–we try but we (particularly I) don't always succeed.

  13. Via FB:
    Naked on a bike canNOT be comfortable.


    love the cycle bell chorus

    There's NO WAY that was comfortable! lol

    I'll get back to you on that one.

    The Good Old Days!!!

    Mary, me too! LOL and such.

  14. Great. Like I said, for me it's strictly a marketing issue. If you know your market and this is not a problem, there's no issue. No one else seems to be concerned, so either you must be right or you already lost those readers!

  15. I wrote my original comment above before Waylon took out the large photo I was concerned about, so now it doesn't make a lot of sense anymore. But the ensuing marketing discussion with Waylon is still interesting and relevant.

  16. Steve says:

    Uh huh

  17. I hate this song for the simple reason that a local bike shop in New Brunswick used to use it in all their advertising but it wasn't the Queen version, it was some silly, horrible cover version.

  18. Well, I removed it thanks to thinking about your great comments. Thanks, boss!

  19. When I'm president this is the new anthem.

  20. RemyC. says:

    For Pete Sake, the song is about Freddie Mercury putting his ding dong wherever he wants… it's a freakin gay anthem… the record company compromise was using a bunch of naked girls, instead of dudes with dangling wangs! Get over it people. And we DO need a green Maxim.

  21. bork says:

    There's a lot of coasting in this bicycle race. I think these girls need to try harder. Where's the coaching?

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  23. Jordan Retro says:

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  24. Jennifer says:

    I loved the song and the video. I thought it was totally awesome!!

  25. In answer to the headline question. Absolutely nothing. Perfect.

    In response to the rest of the thread conversation, I think it’s an entertaining and enlightening little piece of social commentary and is freaking awesome. Offended by nudity? To me, that’s a bit like being offended by a pretty flower…that’s riding a bike…to a rocking Queen gay anthem…on a yoga website. LUV! I will come back here more often.

  26. […] ready to roll and get yourself a naked bike! […]

  27. Joyous Living says:

    my only concern was saying anything negative about queen 😀