February 26, 2010

What could be more ’70s than Queen + bicycle + cocaine + gratuitous nudity?

Bonus: Guy sounds just like Freddie Mercury (youtube.com)


Queen – Bicycle Race by Leo59

Queen + gratuitous female nudity = Greatest Bicycle Video of All-Time.

I want to ride my Bicycle, I want to ride my Bike. I want to ride my Bicycle I want to ride it where I Like.

This video—this thing—this artifact of the late 70s (early 80s?) is so…the lyrics so simple, childlike, random and horrible, the coming together of Queen with gratuitous female nudity so odd…it may result in satori. That’s a Zen thing, a state of Don’t-Know-Mind or, as it’s more commonly known these days, WTF.

Thanks for the heads up to: The Whoah.

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Read 29 comments and reply

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