Yoga Mats For Haiti and Hope for Haiti Donation Class

Via John Joseph
on Feb 20, 2010
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HaitiProceeds from a benefit yoga class, organized by Tamara Kerner and taught by Boulder’s own Trista Hollerbach, on Sunday, Feb. 28th from 3:30-4:45 at the Boulder Circus Center, will go towards the purchase of medical and hygiene supplies for Yoshi Aono’s March mission to Haiti.
Aono, a Boulder local, had an “ah ha” moment while in Savasana at the end of yoga class when he realized that the comfortable yoga mat he was laying on could double as a sleeping pad for Haitian earthquake refugees. He is now collecting and personally distributing hundreds of Yoga mats and other supplies on a March 2010 relief mission to Haiti through Give Them a Hand Foundation and Airline Ambassadors International.
Boulder resident Tamara Kerner had her “ah ha” moment when she saw how easily groups with common interests could come together and pool resources during her Yoga Aid event a few years ago for Cambodian Children. Kerner said,“I’ve always been concerned that funds collected don’t make their way to the source. Yoshi’s direct distribution of 100% of the proceeds excited me and I knew I had found my delivery man!”
The Haiti humanitarian team includes 20 doctors, Patch Adams, Aono and five others who have extensive experience in humanitarian work. Their mission is to provide medical care and aid relief for victims of the earthquake.
“While we encourage cash donations to qualified relief agencies as a primary method of giving,” Aono says, “yoga mats are a great way to involve everyday citizens in providing a small slice of comfort for Haiti’s refugees living under horrendous conditions.”
They are also collecting medical supplies and lining up corporate donations for new tents.
Yoshi can be contacted at: [email protected] Tamara can be contacted at: [email protected]
Both events are on Facebook under Hope for Haiti Donation Yoga Class and Yoga Mats for Haiti


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