April 22, 2010

A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be…and Elephants Unite!

First: before you even think, make the bed!

Nathan was taking the final draft of his dissertation to the post office this morning,


“You might want to check out the bathroom….” he says on his way out

“…looks like something hatched in there.”

usually it had.

If your bathroom is disgusting,

Clean it!

This is the Big Heart Show!

We have been turning over a new leaf.

If the sheets are bad take them off!

(But don’t forget,

you’ll need to put new ones on!)

Some beds may require use of the hand-vac to clear out dirt and clutter

left by little feet.

I had pulled my back during a family dance sesh the night before

and was having a tough time getting my move on,

but you know…  you can’t stop moving ahead.

One load goes in,

and another is coming out and needs to be folded…

If you stop moving, so does everything else!

Stretch out aches and pains as you clean!

Just as long as you don’t do any heavy lifting you’ll be fine!

And remember when going for that deep squat, both heels on the floor!

Bathroom duty is usually a task that needs to be done whilst baby is sleeping,

because, you can’t hold a baby and scrub floors!

Shhhhhh……Be very quiet!

And always keep in mind what’s good for your family!

Natural products, of course! Biodegradable! Without sulfates, detergents, petroleum, synthetic preservatives, parabens, GMO’s…!

You’ll figure it out!

It seems like everything in the world these days is telling us how to be a better consumer,

when what we really need to learn is how to be a better creator of our own destiny!

It’s called nurturing, and it’s a bit old fashioned.

but it works!

For instance, if your bathroom is disgusting, go clean it.

And no one has to thank you afterwards,

it’s just what you have to do to keep things normal.

repeat this mantra with me:

kitchen – laundry – babies.


I find that if I keep this running through my mind all day long things don’t get too far out of control…

And remember: it’s not what others think of you that matters,

it’s what you think of yourself!

After you’ve cleaned up the bathroom and the kitchen and moved ahead the laundry,

if you’re an Elephant… …

(and if the babies are still sleeping)

It’s time to put in your POWER HOUR!

Twitter your posts, twitter your friends posts. Facebook…

do it ALL until it’s DONE!

twitter, twitter, twitter…. chirp, chirp, chirp!



The best part of our day is when daddy comes home.

This is what everything in our day looks to and points toward,

because it’s when our family can be together!

You need to get some snacks ready to show him that’s the way you truly feel!

(chips and queso is good! We also like grapes.


Life is a gift. Each day. So…make it good!

Then clean it up!

….and go to bed !

You get to practice the whole thing over again tomorrow!


It’s what the Big Heart Show is all about!

ps. sorry this post was so dirty!


A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be — John Lennon

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