elephant exclusive: Alleged Embezzler of $450,000 at Naropa University identified.

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on Apr 5, 2010
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Already Fired: Naropa University’s A/P Clerk.

Reported in Naropa’s campus paper; the identity of the alleged thief hasn’t been reported publicly until now.

Call it investigative journalism…or call it reading…but I finally figured out who embezzled all that money from Naropa. Didn’t hurt that I know half the campus, and was told personally—but I needed some verification.

Well, tonight I was reading (I mean, investigating, sounds more impressive, that way?)…and realized that Naropa University itself identified the alleged thief of $450,000 four days ago, on April 1st, in their own student publication, The Sycamore.

naropa university embezzlement theft

While we bear no ill-will to the confused alleged thief, their alleged actions have caused immesaurable harm to a relatively small, already financially vulnerable institution. It’s a good thing vulnerability is the basis of warriorship in the Buddhist tradition that played a pivotal role in inspiring Naropa itself. Translation: so many alumni, teachers, students, administrators and friends of the University love Naropa so much that it may only be the stronger for this hard, hard lesson learned.

To read the full story, click here or click the article below.

Confused about how to feel about the alleged thief? The traditional Buddhist approach is…our enemies are our best teachers. Do tonglen for the alleged thief.

So, again, let’s turn this into a constructive situation, at least to a small extent. Use this tragedy, and our love for Naropa and its past and future, to give, if so inspired:

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6 Responses to “elephant exclusive: Alleged Embezzler of $450,000 at Naropa University identified.”

  1. BrotherRog says:

    May justice be done; may the rights be wronged; may she get the help she needs in order to be restored to the society and to her true self; and may Naropa dust itself off, rebound, and move forward with grace and purpose.

  2. Darrin says:

    I am curious as to what people are thinking about the interrelationship between alleged embezzlement and the fact that it has allegedly transpired under the umbrella of a spiritual institution? We have transcended the waves of alcoholism, AIDS, guru-student power-plays and other earthly challenges both inside and outside of Naropa. I imagine all sorts of feelings and opinions will arise, ranging from compassion to smug self-satisfaction. But Naropa is no more than a microcosm of daily life, merely with a strong commitment to deal with whatever arises, with clear mind, open heart, strong back, soft front.

    That one individual went astray in a humungo way, is no surprise, be it at Naropa or elsewhere. How the community reacts and responds, will be more informative.


  3. I was heartened, and bemused, to read about the calls for restorative justice in the article linked to above. May Naropa work with this all too human tragedy in, as you say, an uplifting and enlightening manner appropriate to its mission.

  4. Amen! Eloquent in your integrity, as always.

  5. of course, the most telling thing here is that an organisation in service to all beings didn't set itself up according to the standards required of most other organizations; i've riffed about this endlessly over the past fifteen years, and am disappointed to see that, even in the 21st century, organizations still fail those they intend to serve by leaving gaping holes in their infrastructure …. Hopefully Naropa will engage some professionals to support them in straightening themselves out so that their influence as a world-changer can continue to expand over decades more to come

  6. Mason says:

    I knew that bitch stole the money.