More (really) Extreme Yoga.

Via elephant journal
on Apr 6, 2010
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extreme yoga

61-year-old Crazy Yogi Man.

This is yoga unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 61-year-old Khiv Raj Gurjar is the world’s finest exponent of Extreme Yoga.

Using only his BMX bicycle for support, Khiv performs extremely difficult yoga poses inches from the edge of 300 foot cliffs. These poses require intense strength, concentration and balance and Khiv has plenty of all three.

He practices on the top of the rocky outcrop near his home of Jodhpur, India. “I practice and exercise every day of the year,” explains the yoga master…

For more crazy photos, click over to Growing Bolder, a great read and site.



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15 Responses to “More (really) Extreme Yoga.”

  1. I've never understood the "risk-your-life-for-a-thrill" mentality. Does he really need to be hanging over a cliff for this to be exciting? Perhaps other readers can help me out here. Thanks.

  2. I've never understood the "risk-your-life-for-a-thrill" mentality. Does he really need to be hanging over a cliff for this to be exciting? Perhaps other readers can help me with this. Thanks.

  3. In my view, it's people who have no grounding in meditation or other techniques to get in touch with "the vivia, awake, present moment." So they take a shortcut called adrenaline. I find it irresponsible, personally.

  4. Normal Guy says:

    I find it irresponsible, personally. However professionally I'll continue to promote this kind of adrenaline shortcut. I need something to wag my enlightened finger at.

  5. Doreen Hing says:

    LOL Normal Guy…

  6. You think we're promoting this, superior man?

  7. Yah, anonymous condescension brings home the laughs every time.

  8. m.a.wuebker says:

    hmmm…. so glad I don't feel challenged like this. Or, actually, challenged at ALL anymore! ahhhhh…peace.

  9. The Deacon says:

    It is art …. like many other activities. Appreciate the beauty

  10. Best sign off ever.

  11. Adriana says:

    This guy is either completely crazy, brilliant, or a bit of both. I'm guessing both. He's also an amazing athlete…

  12. Don says:

    Wonder if he wears a helmet when he rides back down? If he didn't, that would be crazy! 😀

  13. […] For more “Extreme Yoga,” click here. […]

  14. Adam Sewell says:

    Balancing tricks? Yes. Ballsy? Very. Yoga? Not from what I see in those pics.