April 5, 2010

elephant review: Kelly Gilioti’s Spirit of Zen Acupuncture in Boulder, Colorado. ~ Adriane Little

Adriane Little, for elephant, received a free acupuncture session from Kelly Gilioti in exchange for doing a(n honest) review.

When it comes to alternative health practitioners, some would say that Boulder, Colorado is a saturated market. So, how does an acupuncturist distinguish themselves from the rest?

Kelly Gilioti, founder of Spirit of Zen Acupuncture, specializes in a unique combination of healing techniques that calm the mind and body. Combining acupuncture with light, stone and mineral therapies, Kelly treats physical ailments, mental imbalances and bottled-up emotional issues. Whether a patient is dealing with back pain, a sore shoulder, depression, sadness or other physical or emotional symptoms, Kelly’s individualized treatment plans, as well as her ability to relate through emotional intuition, offer a path to wellness.

Kelly began her acupuncture career at The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver. She holds the combination of a Diplomat in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine and a Masters of Science. From the beginning of my first session with Kelly, I experienced her natural healing knowledge. By taking my pulse, Kelly could tell  where my energy (qi or chi) was blocked and where she needed to place her needles. A wave of tranquility washed over me as I laid on the table, and my racing mind suddenly became calm. I felt that I could let go of my worries, at least for the moment.

In addition to Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Kelly incorporates light therapy into her treatment sessions. Going into my first appointment with Kelly, I had never experienced light therapy, and had no idea what to expect. What does light have to do with aligning energy?

Kelly uses Acu-Chrome Light Therapy, a system that incorporates a spectrum of healing colors to stimulate energy production in the body. Through a light beam device placed in my ear, Kelly told me that the Acu-Chrome system would promote cell regeneration and new blood cell creation, and provide support to my lymphatic system. At first, I doubted that a colored light beam could affect my health, but I felt relaxed throughout the procedure and I recommend it to anyone looking for a mood boost.

The next step in my treatment (Kelly individualizes each of her acupuncture sessions to meet each client’s needs) was stone therapy. This treatment utilizes crystals and semi-precious stones to direct energy into various areas of the body, by placing stones on various meridian (energy) points. Kelly explained to me that thousands of people, worldwide, use this healing technique to deal with physical and emotional issues. From my experience, there is a reason that they do so—when Kelly placed the stones on the necessary points, I fell even deeper into relaxation. It felt like a calming breeze was passing over me.

Another healing method that Kelly implements is mineral laser therapy. In this procedure, a laser beam is conducted through a vial containing 85 trace minerals into meridian points on the body. The result? A clear mind. I felt ready to face the world with open arms.

In addition to Kelly’s deep knowledge and healing talents, her ability to pick up on the emotional issues that her clients are dealing with is the most unique aspect of her treatment. Kelly can sense the emotional challenges her clients are facing, the past events and life circumstances that may have caused them, and performs an emotional clearing exercise that helps them to let go of emotional baggage. I had recently experienced an emotionally trying situation, and Kelly helped me to clear some of the stress and sadness that I was still holding inside. From this, I learned that I have the strength to deal with any emotional situation that might come my way.

If you have anything you would like to deal with, I can recommend an appointment.

Kelly can be reached at [email protected]

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