Pour Some Sugar On Me

Via Liz Davis
on May 12, 2010
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pour some fake sugar on me

This Mother’s Day, I turned into my grandmother. Instead of stealing Sweet ‘n Low from the Kings Plaza Diner, I shoved packets of Sun Crystals into my yoga bag. As I absconded the green packets of all-natural sweetener from the coffee counter at my yoga studio, I thought about my recently deceased Grandma. If she was still alive would her sticky fingers swipe the stevia and sugar cane mixture and leave the little pink packets of granulated Saccharin, dextrose and cream of tartar behind?  My thoughts returned to sweeteners at dinner (life is good when this is what you think about) when I watched my mother make off with several Splenda packages from the Chinese restaurant. Besides the fact that I clearly come from a family of sugar-substitute thieves, what did our choices say about us? Does selecting an all-natural sweetener over an artificial one reveal anything about your personality? Take the sweetener quiz and find out.

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About Liz Davis

Based in Brooklyn, Liz Davis has zen there, done mat. In between yoga poses she writes Yoga Poseur,a satirical look at life as a yogi. Follow @yogaposeur on Twitter.


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