Sarah Palin criticizes President Obama re Oil Spill.

Via Waylon Lewis
on May 25, 2010
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No one ever accused Governor Palin of lacking gall. ~ ed.

Big Oil: Learning from Alaska’s Experience

By Sarah Palin, via her Facebook Page.

Many Americans want a serious discussion about what can be done to finally tackle the Gulf Coast oil spill. Unfortunately, yesterday White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs used his appearance on “Face the Nation” to deflect from the needed discussion about solutions as he suggested that I should “get slightly more informed as to what’s going on in and around oil drilling in this country.”

Mr. Gibbs’ comments were in response to something I said last weekend in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.” In the course of discussing the administration’s failure to get to grips with the oil spill, I pointed out that the media was rather silent on asking if there was a connection between the White House’s hands-off response to the spill and the undisputed fact that Barack Obama was BP’s top recipient of both PAC and individual money for the last 20 years. Please note that I never claimed there was a conspiratorial connection; rather, I was saying that it’s odd that so few in the media have asked that question. In fact, I believe Major Garrett is one of the few reporters to pursue the issue. You can be sure that if this were a Republican administration, at the very least the media would be asking that question nonstop.

As for getting “informed” about oil drilling: I’m confident that in the course of my chairmanship of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) and the U.S.’s Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC), and my work as governor of our nation’s huge oil producing state, I’ve learned enough to be able to say with some certainty that the White House’s response to this crisis leaves something to be desired. I also believe that the White House should spend all of its time finding solutions to the enormous oil gush problem.

The Obama administration claims that it “will not rest until we get this situation under control,” but in practice it’s evident that it must do more to stop a potential environmental disaster from happening. U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen probably summed it up best when he described the Obama Administration’s approach to this crisis as “keeping a close watch” while BP is tackling the problem – at the company’s own pace.

While the Administration watches from the sidelines, the Gulf Coast states face some potential disaster. This raises serious questions. Should it really take nine whole days before the Administration asked the Department of Defense for help in deploying equipment needed for the extreme depth spill site? Why is Governor Jindal still waiting, 35 days later, for material needed to tackle the oil spill to protect the coast’s environment and for federal approval to build offshore sand barriers to protect his state’s coast line? Is it correct that the Coast Guard was initially unwilling to burn off the oil for fear of causing air pollution (which would have been far less harmful than the current water pollution)?

These questions all require answers. In the meantime, let me make a constructive suggestion to help the White House out of its current impasse. They should reach out to the best oil and gas team in the nation and tap into its expertise. I know just the team: Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources, led by Commissioner Tom Irwin. Having worked with Tom and his DNR team as Governor, I can vouch for their expertise and their integrity in dealing with Big Oil and overseeing its developments.

This team’s (and Alaska’s PSIO team’s) expertise on oil spill issues is particularly relevant. We all lived and worked through the Exxon oil spill, and we all committed to the principle that this would never happen again in Alaska’s waters, at least not on our watch. That’s why we created the Petroleum Systems Integrity Office (PSIO) when we saw proof of improper maintenance of oil infrastructure in our state. And that’s why we instituted new oversight and held BP and other oil companies financially accountable for poor maintenance practices. And that’s why we cracked down on unethical and unsound practices by oil companies and their contractors that operate in Alaska. And that’s why I filed a Friend-of-the-Court brief against Exxon’s interests for its decades-old responsibility to compensate victims adversely affected by the Exxon-Valdez oil spill. None of these actions made us popular with oil company management. (In fact, Commissioner Irwin received a message from a North Slope oil company employee that summed up their view of our efforts well: the message told him to “go to hell, but resign first.”) Our relationship with Big Oil may have been perceived as contentious because we always put the interests of Alaskans first.

The White House could do worse than emulate what Alaska did over the years. No, it doesn’t make you popular with Big Oil (my commissioners and I certainly learned that!), and you may see fewer campaign contributions flow your way – but so what? Dealing with the impacts of 35 days of uncontrolled oil flow into pristine waters is more than enough time for the White House to realize they need to tap into expertise, hold BP accountable, and not waste time politicking around such a grave situation.

Taking a tough stand to protect our environment while domestically drilling for much-needed energy sources is the only way the public can trust government and industry to safely work towards energy independence. We need to “Drill, baby, drill” responsibly, safely, and ethically. That’s the way Alaska’s DNR accomplishes its mission in America’s 49th state.

– Sarah Palin

Response from the White House, via AP. Excerpt:

…Others have blamed the administration for not doing enough, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who said Sunday on Fox News that Obama was being lax in his response to the spill.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs called the criticism ill-informed and suggested Palin needed a blowout preventer, the technical term for the device intended to prevent an oil spill from becoming a full-scale catastrophe. The phrase has entered the political vernacular since the one on the Gulf well failed.

“You’ve got to have a license to drive a car in this country, but regrettably you can get on a TV show and say virtually anything,” Gibbs said….


Governor Palin, Oil Spill Watchdog!


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9 Responses to “Sarah Palin criticizes President Obama re Oil Spill.”

  1. GretaCargo says:

    Eyes the color of crude, crude words, crude facts. Disappointment spilled everywhere, lies drilled into daily news.

  2. Tom Frascone
    yeah the government has completely failed, once again, in its response to a massive eco-disaster in the gulf of mexico…

    …but Palin is still an idiot puppet. ha

    Lee K
    Palin is a [email protected]#$%^&* idiot! First she says "drill baby drill" now she has the nerve to criticize the president over something BP is responsible for! WTF?!

    Todd D
    The Obama administration has lost major points with me on this, but Palin is retarded if she thinks she'd have done any better. Tom got it right. She's a puppet.

    [email protected]#$%^&*() her. Seriously.

    Karen T

    Allisa B
    Yea yea Palin schmalin…. [email protected]#$%^&*() that attention whore…

    Sirpa C
    What happened to the small government and deregulation mantra of the conservatives? What? The corps cannot self govern and be responsible? Just like the financial industry… Hey conservatives, you cannot have it both ways, small government for profit only and big government for troubles!

    Shakti D
    the sound of her voice makes me want to drill in my head.

    Todd D
    No kidding, Sirpa. Funny, we haven't heard their usual spiel about the free market fixing everything. C'mon, Sarah! Tell us the free market will clean up this oil. You're getting off message by suggesting they aren't doing enough!

    Allison D
    WHY is Elephant Journal posting this self-righteous, agenda pushing garbage from one of the most closed-minded and hypocritical people ever to enter the political arena?

    Cyndi L
    I agree Shakti Dancer…her voice does make you want to put a drill to your head…and Allison, my thoughts exactly!!!

    Amanda H
    I think they're posting it, with all the videos that follow in which she says "drill, baby, drill" and emphasizes the safety of drilling, to point out her hypocrisy.

    Deborah M
    If the Elephant Journal had not posted this, this story very well may have gone unnoticed by many, myself included. I am NOT a fan of the 24-hour news cycle (despise it, really), and really, the only way I keep up with things is through my FB feed, or MSNBC. (I'm biased, I admit it.) But anytime I see anything that remotely reeks of the… See More tea party (I refuse to capitalize that), I throw up a little bit in my mouth. But I don't catch it all, and I don't catch it all ON PURPOSE…or I'd want to put myself in a straight jacket and a nice padded room. I, for one, am glad Elephant Journal posted this. Thank you, Elephant Journal!

    Swati Jr
    while i agree with the obvious, I'm uncomfortable with how easily people resort to derogatory gender comments about Palin. do we call equally idiotic male counterparts such words? it's interesting to me that both men and womyn seem to be able to slander womyn more easily then men. patriarchy my friends is everywhere.

    Chuck L
    It's not slander when it's accurate.

    Kylise H
    This woman is as anti-environment and anti-wildlife as one can get. She would drill in our most sensitive environmental areas without a thought to the consequences if there were a spill. And she would kill every animal on the planet if she feels they are an inconvenience to human activities. She has no right to criticize anyone.
    Allison, just read the post before commenting, I agree!

  3. Sarah says:

    "It's not enough to rage against the lie.. you've got to replace it with the truth" (Bono) – Lies – Truth – Action

  4. Raineyday says:

    Obama and his administration are puppets and your eyes are closed if you think they are so much better than the Republicans. We should all be prepared to open our wallets because we will be paying for this spill and the lack of response for many years to come. Let the richest get richer and keep every one else poor and dependent. Open your eyes. Supporting Obama is not just a trend. He is just another brick in the wall.

  5. smithnd says:

    Cynicism is the new hope on elephant, I see.

    Without intending to pile on, I attach this VERY DISTURBING video by a self-proclaimed oil booming expert. Apparently, they're doing such a bad job at the booming operation that much of the blame has to land on the coast guard and the Obama administration's desk for not responding to this spill appropriately.

  6. Emer says:

    What a ridiculous woman!

  7. Barb says:

    Reading about this lady's remarks makes vomiting in your own mouth seem pleasant.

  8. Evia Cini says:

    I’m just disgusted by this horrible spill. Where can I find an realistic assessment of the real size of the oil spill? The assessments are widely different from different sources. Thanks for your informative post.

  9. I believe your right. They know there’s oil there, and they’ll justify it by saying: How can you expect us to undergo all this cost if we can’t recoup some of our loses. Whatever the current fines may be, double them-at the very least-, and no more dithering on settlements to the lives and livelihoods disrupted.