May 1, 2010

Roxbury, Dr. Reggie Ray, Michael Jordan: What is Love?

Buddhist teacher Dr. Reggie Ray: What is Love?

Dr. Reggie Ray is one of the best American Buddhist teachers I know of in the world today, or one of the best Buddhist teachers in the world in America today. Take your pick.

Because he’s be in and out of meditation retreats and hanging with his community in Crestone, Colorado for a few years, we here at elephant haven’t done nearly enough coverage of him lately. Hopefully the above video

(Click the image above to watch, it’s not embeddable, which is really silly and irritating)

will be a first step toward reconnecting. Enjoy.

What else is Love?

Click below for Jim Carrey with the Roxbury crew:

I agree with many of the “Love is…” here. Not sure about wearing a new pair every game, though.
Air Jordan XVIII commercial aired during All Star Weekend in Jordan’s last season in the NBA.

I loooove Little Boots:

Bonus: our Marines mime What is Love:

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