June 24, 2010

A New York Yoga Dork Minute with YogaCrone.

Washington Square Park

A few months ago, I went to New York to teach Yoga workshops, visit family and thought it might be fun to hunt for the YogaDork

I love YogaDork for many reasons, but one of them is ’cause she loves my Sirsa Graffitti, so we have a healthy Crone-Dork appreciation of each other! I decided to look for the Dork around NYC and what better way to hunt for another yogi than by Sirsa Tagging the city..?

Since my family lives uptown, I started out at Central Park West and scoped the Park… no YogaDorks to be found there…

There was a nice playground and had some tea with friends… we sat and watched the kids play. They were having fun, so I wanted to play in the sand too…

Crazy yogi in Central Park

It’s always funny how people take things when you pop Random Acts of Yoga.
So I have this crazy idea that I wanted to try a ride on the subway on my head… would the New Yorkers notice? Would I be arrested?
Went downtown on the subway, but the Policeman at the turnstile didnt look like he would understand the whole Sirsa Tagging thing so I popped up into a quick header, and decided the ride on the train would have to wait till the next family visit…

checked into the downtown scene…Village, SoHo, NYU, Washington Square…

Does anyone know the Dork

My nieces were totally embarrassed at this point and ditched me, so I was left to my own devices. Actually, my nieces get embarrassed often with me… not sure how these 2 NYC teens feel about their upside down Auntie?!

Since there was still no sign of YogaDork, it seemed like a good time to go to my favourite spots in the city to spend a few hours… the Musuems! I am a total Geek for information, for the history of lost cultures, for the handicraft of our humanity, for beauty in all things…

Can you find the YogaCrone at the Met?

The Metropolitan Museum is an Art lovers dream, and I grew up pacing the halls of its massive collections. Always Heaven!

My favourite memory in the city is one lusciously languid long stay when I went to this museum Every day for 4 weeks in a row and visually dissected every object and every exhibit in those hallowed halls…

This area of New York has some of the most gorgeous architecture in the city, and a breezy walk that takes you from museum to museum. Another of my favourite NY experiences!

So natch… in front of the ever kool and hipster art scene Museum of all time… a building that is as recognised for the outside as the collections of beauty inside – the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; I found the ever Kool and hipster YogaDork!

YogaDork & YogaCrone

We snapped a quick pick of YogaDork and YogaCrone and wanted to share. So here’s a family pic for all y’all!

As the YogaDork joins Elephant, this YogaCrone is sending a cyber “header” and heart full of love to ye!

And to all the #yogadork out there… keep Bending and Breathing and come join me in Sirsa Challenge 2010!

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