Flag Desecration #411.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 1, 2010
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Patriotism can’t be worn on your sleeve.

Or, towel. Or, bikini.

If you were ever in the military, or a boy or girl scout, you’ll know that respecting the flag is simple, and important. You don’t let it touch the ground. You hang is the right way if it’s on the wall. You don’t leave it flapping in the wind at night.

And, you never, never wear it.

You don’t leave it lying around, either, Gov. Palin.

Patriotism isn’t macho sport. It’s something much deeper, and more gentle. Rooting for your country is about respecting and protecting our freedoms—not getting painted up as if you were going to a football game.

In fact, those who wear it are often less than trustworthy: they’re using the flag, and patriotism (see the oil processing plant, or Don Blankenship).

From a great random blog I came across:



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14 Responses to “Flag Desecration #411.”

  1. Rick Gilbert says:

    isn't there some rule that allows the flag to be flown at night, as long as a light shines on it or something?

  2. Alex says:

    How about a link to the blog you got the pics from?

  3. Greg says:

    Those aren't real flags, those are flags with 57 stars on them that stand for all the states Barack visited during his campaign.

  4. Yup! That was of course a newer rule…mainly put in place so that lazy companies could leave flags up all the time.

  5. Whoops! The photos are linked, but not clickable in the slideshow. I'll correct, with thanks.

  6. Ahahahahah. You.

  7. Adam Shake
    You're right, Way, it can not be worn on your sleeve. The Blank, a man I love to hate.

  8. swati jr* says:

    damn. i was really hoping my flag bikini meant something special.

  9. Andrew_A says:

    And add to light pollution.

  10. BrotherRog says:

    On a related note, here's Robin Williams AS the American Flag: http://www.coolestone.com/media/292/Robin_William

  11. […] and hats, however innocently, traditionally the Boy Scouts and military would consider such to be disrespectful. You don’t treat the flag like fashion. You raise it solemnly, gratefully, silently […]

  12. Aaron Kocourek says:

    I would disagree, how can you say that just cause someone has a flag hanging in their office, room or is wearing a american flag on their shirt or hat that they are unpatriotic? Why do libs try and demonize everyone who disagrees with them. We all need to chill smoke a montecristo cigar and relax for a while cause this is getting insane.

  13. […] and hats, however innocently, traditionally the Boy Scouts and military would consider such to be disrespectful. You don’t treat the flag like fashion. You raise it cheerfully, silently acknowledging all […]