June 8, 2010

In Defense of “Why I Don’t Eat Organic.”

Is Organic for Elites?

Somebody got very…uh…impassioned…by my article Why I Don’t Eat Organic. Read the full article itself here, first.

Excerpt (click to read full):

And here’s my response:

Ms. Delett,

You have made a great many assumptions in your post. I don’t get my nails done, hair done, etc. We are wii, gameboy, etc. free. We don’t drink pop or sports drinks. Or even juice, for the most part.

(I’ll mention as well that you state “after every practice”, I’ll assume you’re talking about sport practice for your kids. Shall I further assume that you are a “soccer mom” who has the time required to take her kids to practice? Not every mom has that, either.)

Desserts every night? Give me a break!

We don’t eat meat (unless we can afford to get organic, which is, let’s see…never!).

Your hubris is intoned in the ideological idealism that you so strongly adhere to that everyone can live as you do. And not everyone can.

Go hang in the ghetto for a day or two. See what you learn.

I hope I’m not making too many assumptions…but I must say you got under my skin a little, too.

With compassion; for you, for my own failings, and for all beings,

~ Lasara (aka Ms. Allen)

P.S. I’m all for an open dialogue on the matter. Next time, I invite you to share your comment at the source, too!

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Read 24 comments and reply

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