June 1, 2010

Photo of the Day.

Above, the original BP name change. A few years back, they switched once again, renaming “British Petroleum” “Beyond Petroleum,” and emphasizing how eco-responsible the company was aiming to become.

Will we learn from BP’s Gulf Oil Spill? It’s History-in-the-Making.

If so, we have a chance to turn this tragedy into a positive step for the human race.

Word is, looks like “Beyond Petroleum” Oil Spill will continue through August.

Kill Baby, Kill!

Exactly one-half of all tuna breed in the gulf. That’s gonna hurt a lot of fish—and fishermen.

But perhaps some good will come out of what is now officially “the worst environemental disaster in US history”—perhaps we’ll finally learn, once and for all, that “the” environment and human society’s welfare are inextricably linked.

And perhaps we’ll put our money into expanding wind and solar, so we don’t have to drill 5,000 feet down beneath the surface of the ocean, or give our hard-earned dollars to friends of friends of terrorists.

…well, don’t have any more time to write any lucid commentary—gotta go gas up so I can drive to Tarzhay and buy stuff Made in China that I didn’t know I needed.

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