July 11, 2010

10 Must Have Buys for the Spiritual Materialist.

Spirituality as fashion or lifestyle statement.

Are you a neo-hippie/faux-Buddhist? Want everyone to know how holy you are? Read on!


1. Mala on wrist; never used for actual meditation practice

2. Tattoo of OM (“it means, you know…the light inside of me bows to the light inside of you.” [See comment at bottom])

3. Lululemon as everyday wear

4. Co-exist bumper sticker on hybrid SUV Lexus

5. walk around with PVC yoga mat

6. GT’s Kombucha.*

7. email signature includes “injoi” or “all one family”

8. frequent Burning Man references: “Oh, I shouldn’t go to Whole Foods after kirtan; gotta save up for Burning Man.”

9. Half-destroyed TOMS.

10. café accessory: Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle or, cunningest of all, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism book with unbent spine.

Bonus Points

EC: Vision Boards; sage incense; Dr. Bronner’s; Prius; Essential Oils in lieu of deodorant, cologne, perfume; altar on dashboard or sacred stuff/ feathers/ dream catcher hanging from rearview mirror, Dalai Lama or Rumi or Hafiz or Buddha quote book on toilet; live in Boulder, Berkeley, Madison, Lincoln, Lawrence, Brooklyn, Santa Monica or Venice, Austin, Ashland, Asheville, Portland, Seattle, Eugene, Flagstaff; vacation in Belize, Costa Rica, India or Tibet; subscribe to elephantjournal.com

What’d I forget?


Image: wildbindi/Flickr

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deniseroberge56 Jul 8, 2019 7:52am

Judge much?

juan May 21, 2015 4:26am

Sorry, i love elephant journal, but i think this is completely wrong and against the website philosophy. Let people do whatever they want…as long as they are ok with it. Who cares.
I have an OM tattoo, it´s a reminder of my journey through India, the same as i have rock bands tatoos and other stuff.
I didn´t like this one…

Caroline Mar 5, 2015 9:43am

I get the idea of articles such as this, which pokes fun at acquiring all the entrapments of a healthy or well-meaning trend (male beads, Tom’s shoes) all the while missing the whole point of incorporating the innate truth of the idea/practice/activity into our lives. Even so, I think attempting to manifest the idea or appearance of something a person might want to incorporate into his or her life (such as yoga, probiotics, meditation) is not an entirely worthless effort. At least the idea being glorified here is health, consciousness, or social awareness, as opposed to the myriad of other pursuits that money could be wasted on that don’t even pretend to help the planet.

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