March 17, 2015

A Burning Man love Story.

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I had a Lot of Fun.

He wasn’t the one
who loved me too much
Or not enough
He was just the right dose
Of infatuation

He awakened everything
My senses, my mind
Heart and soul
A deep breath of fresh air
I came alive again

The way he touched my face
So gently, with such kindness
One of mama earth’s warriors
He is the light, the dark
And everything in between

He held me while I cried
He saw my broken heart
Spoke to it even
He did it all
With no problem saying goodbye

I had a lot of fun

Every day with him
Was a learning experience
Coming to know myself
And confirmation
Of who I really am

He shed light into
Unknown corridors of my soul
Bits and pieces of me
That have molded the person
I am today

Every single thing I needed
Was in the moments with him
In the moment
I came to learn
About my own journey

We left pieces of ourselves
Inside the temple
Then he held me
While we watched it burn
Spiraling down

I had a lot of fun

He helped me open
My heart again to love
He shook me
The perfect distraction
He was everything I needed

He helped me open
My mind
To accept all the things
I have no control over

He helped me realize
I am all I have
To never compromise
For anyone or anything

The receiver of life’s good karma
A bulge to match his heart
He took me on a ride
I smiled the entire way home
To nowhere

I had a lot of fun

I want to thank you
For breaking me
And showing me
How to put myself
Back together

For making me laugh
For allowing me to love you
If only for a moment
For the tremendous impact
On the development of who I am

For the unbeknownst guidance
To the next journey in my life
Thank you
For showing me

Exactly where
I was meant to be
A beautiful ending
Not a torrential storm
Like the one before

I had a lot of fun

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Waylon & Duzer Do Burning Man. {Video}


Author: Rachel Rickards

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author

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