Conan O’Brien + Louis C.K.: “Everything’s Amazing + Nobody’s Happy.”

Via Merete Mueller
on Jul 30, 2010
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“New York to LA in 5 hours. That used to take 3o years. A bunch of people you were with would die, you’d have a baby…you’d be with a whole different group of people by the time you got there!”

Mid-week, the emails begin to pile up and I realize I haven’t been keeping up with my Twitter feed or posted a blog in weeks, that I have to buy a plane ticket to see my family next month and my NY Times iPhone app keeps crashing mid-article, and…

Then I saw this video, of Conan O’Brien and Louis CK circa 2009, and I laughed out loud.

Funny how, despite my ability to work and move and connect faster and with more people than ever before, nothing brings me back to the present moment—to feeling grateful for everything that I have access to—faster than a long, hard laugh.

“Everything is amazing and nobody is happy”


With thanks to Alyssa for the tip!


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6 Responses to “Conan O’Brien + Louis C.K.: “Everything’s Amazing + Nobody’s Happy.””

  1. Andrew says:

    Hilarious! 2 of the funniest people alive today.

  2. FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for sharing this! I really needed a good laugh at the end of this day 🙂 Cheers!

  3. AMO says:

    Always good for a replay, I can't see this one often enough…

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  5. faye says:

    airlines should be required to play this video in addition to the pre-take off security video. for realz.

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