Goldman Sachs $uck$. {Jon Stewart}

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 30, 2010
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Update: Goldman Sachs hordes 25% of the World’s aluminum then manipulates the price by delaying delivery to companies by 16 months, increasing the price of it, making them a lot of money and potentially costing consumers $5 Billion over 3 years. (video)

King of Douches.

“Rigged the game against investors…”

“…made massive bet housing market would collapse…”

Goldman Sachs execs sit around in their posh hot tubs sippin’ champagne while thousands of Americans, including yours truly, struggle to keep their homes. What’s a more constructive word than “hate”?

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2 Responses to “Goldman Sachs $uck$. {Jon Stewart}”

  1. pissed off says:

    As we discuss before, I am losing my home, life savings, and my family is split because of jobs. I have worked every day of my adult life, am college + educated and a veteran. It makes me so fucking angry that nothing has been done to stop this. The crimes will just continue. I purchased my home 7 years ago, which was not the peak of the market and it is 20k upside down. My deposit money is gone, all equity is gone and the bank will not cut me a break after paying them over 200,000 in interest payments.

    I kind of feel sorry for them however, because others, less spiritually grounded then myself will take revenge.

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