July 6, 2010

In Pursuit of Truth: 5 Yoga Tips for Tapping into Your Heart Centre

Is it okay to just be okay? Is it enough to just feel sorta happy? Maybe mostly content?

As readers of my blog know, lately I’ve been considering the concept of Truth—or, Satya, as it’s known in Sanskrit. Truth is one of my words for 2010, along with Let and Love (inspired by White Hot Truth maven Danielle Laporte’s practice of tuning into three guiding terms for the year).

Satya refers to actions or words or intentions that help guide us to the Ultimate Truth—what I call the Greater, Good and Wonder-full. And when we connect to the Greater, Good, and Wonder-full, well…great, good and wonderful things happen.

Here’s why this has become important to me to share: There is too much pressure in our society to squash our truths, to accept not just mediocrity, but blatant negativity. We are continually told that “it’s okay” to spend the most awake hours of our daily lives in a job we don’t like, or even loathe; that it’s okay to be in a relationship that doesn’t nourish us; that it’s okay to spend time on a regular basis with people who take and don’t give; that it’s okay to be stressed because it’s normal. The list goes on.

Here’s the thing. It is not okay to ignore your heart. Ever.

Our minds can go on endlessly about the benefits of a situation, carefully and painstakingly weighing pros and cons. Our hearts just know. Truth, and our connection to the Greater, Good and Wonder-full, lives in our hearts.

It’s hard to acknowledge to ourselves, let alone tell other people, that we simply cannot continue on with the way things are. It’s scary to express our truth. It’s scary to face the unknown that comes afterwards.

But when we smother that true knowing in our heart, that connection, we smother our ability to not only live a life we love, but also our ability to go on to Greater, Good, and Wonder-full things. We ignore the Universe’s calling, and offering to help.

p.s. I’m still learning this. Like Jeffrey Platts says, “we teach what we also need to learn.”

Top Yoga Tips for Tapping into Your Heart Centre

  1. Hatha Camel pose with Kundalini breath of fire
  2. Hatha Bridge pose with Kundalini breath of fire
  3. Kundalini heart taps: stand with your feet wide apart, hips forward, and arms stretched out shoulder height, palms forward. As you circle your torso from left to right, tap your heart centre. Inhale as you turn left, exhale as you turn right.
  4. Kundalini elbow bows. Stand with your feet wide apart, knees soft, legs and core strong. Put your hands on your shoulders, fingers forward, elbows shoulder height. Inhale, look up and drop your elbows down and back. Exhale, draw your elbows towards eachother as you look down.
  5. Spend 5 minutes bringing your full attention and intention to your heart centre. Breathe into this space.


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Read 5 comments and reply

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