July 31, 2010

My Sexy Biodiesel Beast

Mindful Fueling on the Road

Meet Max. I personify my car. I am completely convinced that this will improve “his” longevity and performance. And he is truly a sexy beast—a Jetta Wagon TDI. But more importantly, he runs on diesel and that means biodiesel in the summer and whenever I can get it. On day two of our Mystic/Wander Road Trip, when all my online references for Utah biodiesel prove to be outdated, I finally find some good soul-fuel for Max in Nevada. Thanks Bently Biofuels. I am so appreciative that after my spirit fuel (yoga practice) and body fuel (mindful breakfast); I take a detour down to the mothership in Gardnerville NV. to give props in person and learn more about the biofuel biz’.

Mystic/Wander Road Trip: Day Two

First off, I rise and shine with yoga at a rest stop outside of Wendover UT, with curious truckers looking on. My favorite practice, especially in the morning consists of loads of listening and authentic movements inspired by what my body says it needs. This is a simple flow of wake up stretches and salutations to the sun.


Mindful eating on the road? An ice cooler certainly helps. Mix up raw organic juices and pack ’em in ice. I also use my thermos for everything. The thermos cup is perfect for crunchy granola swimming in almond milk. This morning it’s Love Grown granola. Made in Aspen, Love Grown is local yummy goodness. Tulsi tea gets my synapses firing so I can enjoy another day on the road. Organic India Rose Tulsi is my absolute fave’.


And finally, as the sun is going down over the mountains bordering California, Bently Biofuels provides a sweet Oasis for all of Max’s biodiesel needs. On Bio 99 (which means 99% recycled vegetable oil based biofuel) my car will get over 50 miles to the gallon. Word.


I am happy. Max is happy.


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