July 20, 2010

Peace, Love and Yoga.

I am the Light of my Soul

I am Beautiful, I am Bountiful, I am Bliss

I am, I am

Can you read the above words and believe it? Is it hard to even read out loud? It shouldn’t be, but we are conditioned to believe that it is not true. The world tells us that it is not so. All you hear on TV is how you can be prettier, smarter, skinnier, etc. We often forget how beautiful we are already. The practice of yoga helps you identify with your true self and to see how you fit into the world. Yoga is spiritual, physical and empowering. It is a cure-all in a world that needs a cure. Yoga is a practice of the body and the mind.

Yoga means union. Union with all things, all beings are one! The goal of yoga is enlightenment, ie; union with God. Yoga is not something you “do”, it is a goal and it takes practice.  Yoga is a lifestyle; it can guide how you treat others and the earth, how you eat and live.

yogash chitta vritti nirodhah “when you stop identifying with the Self, then there is Yoga” – Patanjali

“I know myself as one with all that is” – Jesus

The physical practice of yoga is important. Our bodies are what we have to carry us through this life. We have to keep them healthy and strong. Yoga is a great way to challenge the body. Some of the yoga poses are easier than others, some are very challenging. Some are held for longer than others. When you are in these poses,  you are challenged mentally as well. You may think “this is the hardest thing I have to do” or “man, I hate this pose” or even better “I love this pose better than any others”. All of these feelings arise, as they do in life. The teachings of yoga help you get through the feelings.

Yoga is empowering! Many of the poses are challenging and frightening. As you practice, you see your body being able to do things you never thought possible or were scared to do. It is an amazing feeling to surprise yourself in this way. Your body gets stronger and more capable. Your mind becomes clearer and more compassionate. Yoga truly is a heal ALL!

SOME physical benefits of practicing Yoga are: Stress Reduction, Mental Clarity, Body awareness and Self Confidence, Strength, Muscle Tone and Flexibility, Connection, fulfillness and happiness, Lubrication of all joints, ligaments and tendons, Complete detoxification of muscles and joints and increased circulation. -Just to name a few!

The best part about Yoga is that anyone can practice! Man, woman, any size, any age! Yoga can be taken at any pace. It can be intense or can be restorative and gentle. Yoga is not new. It is not a fad! If you have not tried Yoga, I encourage you to .

Through my practice of Yoga, my eyes have been opened to the world. I believe that we are all one. I have found myself and who I really am. I understand that my actions affect others and that we are all one. I truly believe that there can have peace on this Earth. Everyone is compassionate it they truly look inward for it. The goal of Yoga is Enlightenment and Peace! Are you ready for your journey? Take a Yoga class!


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Read 2 comments and reply

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