Spirit Airlines sexploits BP Oil Spill.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 9, 2010
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Leave it to Capitalism to figure a way to have fun (you know, make money) at the expense of tragedy!

Too soon for sexy tacky humor re: BP Oil Spill? Uh, yeah.

Oil ruined beaches down south? Then come to beaches our airlines services:

But Spirit Airlines didn’t stop there. Their next genius “I mean, c’mon, gimme a break” ad [source: Treehugger]

via Daily Mail:

The airline, based in Fort Lauderdale, used the adverts on its website to promote low fares to its coastal destinations in Florida as well as other hotspots like Cancun in Mexico and San Juan in Puerto Rico.

Many Americans have condemned the carrier for cashing in on the disaster.

Online campaigns against the company, and a few in support of their ‘black humour’, have been set up on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook…

…click over to Daily Mail for the rest of the story.

Reality: howwabout unemployment? Fishing ruined for thousands upon thousands of families? Fish, dolphin, whale, and turtle and bird populations crushed (especially those dependent on eggs for the next generation)?

As much as we like black humor, chutzpah and sex appeal…we like tackiness less.



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9 Responses to “Spirit Airlines sexploits BP Oil Spill.”

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  2. Disgusted says:

    Wow can you be anymore hypocritical? I know for a fact you tell interns to use "sexy photos" in articles to draw readers attention? Yet when someone else does it you call them tacky?

    Or do you honestly feel more strongly about respecting the oil spill than the women whose photos you use to attract readership?

  3. Disgusted says:

    Hysterical how you judge capitalism on their desire to make money when you live in a half million dollar house.

  4. Jack Daw says:

    I live in a half-million dollar house too…but the owners keep kicking me out.

  5. elephantjournal says:

    I hear you. I don't deny that sexy images magnetize readers…apparently including yourself.

    That said, we're all for sexy—when it's not tacky, and insulting to a horrific tragedy that effects thousands upon thousands of humans and hundreds of thousands of animals for the worse.

    Sexy can be good, fun, too, no? As I said above: "As much as we like black humor, chutzpah and sex appeal…we like tackiness less."

    I don't order interns to do nothing by the way, while I am editor and suggest articles (recent ones on bike sharing, xeriscape, light pollution) they write only one article a week, and my main advice is "be personal; keep it real, do some research, write about something you know about or have been thinking about or are curious about."

    If they don't want to write about something, they don't.

  6. elephantjournal says:

    Dear Anonymous Disgusted,

    We're all for making money, too, just not at the expense of tragedy. Nothing's wrong with capitalism, or money, necessarily, it's all in how you make it and use it, no? Many companies make good money without resorting to the above.

    BTW: the average house in Boulder is more than $500,000.

  7. ahahaha know the feeling.

  8. BTW, our readership is 80% female, unknown percentage LGBT, so we "use" plenty of hunky green-minded men to attract readership, too!

  9. via http://www.facebook.com/elephantjournal

    LaVeda M
    Where's that 'Dislike' button when you need it?!?

    Pam A
    OMG…that is sick. .

    Carrisa C
    ok… I have to admit… the picture kinda made me chuckle…. but the commercial WAS a bit much… lol

    Merilyn R
    more sex and violence…..hand in hand.