The Biggest Drug Dealers have PhDs.

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Remember, Prescription Drugs are still Drugs.

I just had three of my wisdom teeth removed last week! It was as pleasant an experience as getting teeth ripped out of your jaw could be. It was not by choice, the dentist said it was necessary. The actual surgery was no big deal because I was out like a light. The last thing I remembered was my doctor hooking up my IV saying “here comes the Margaritas”. The next thing I knew I was home and my husband was taking care of me.

Now, I do not take medicine on a regular basis or irregular for that matter. I try to remain as chemical free as possible. So, for my surgery, I had an IV drip of drugs strong enough to make me sleep. When I got home it was time to take the pain medicine too. I had THREE prescriptions to take. On a stomach filled with watermelon and blueberry/carrot juice, I took the rest of my medicines; two pain pills, one ibuprofen, and one anti swelling pill. Next thing I knew I was on the floor passed out in a cold sweat. It gave my husband a run for his money. He of course, freaked out! He saw the reaction first hand of what my body did with all the chemicals in it.

Once revived, I was able to eat some soup and go back to sleep. For the next few days I stayed heavily medicated and am now weaning off the pain medication. Being in a medicated state is not fun either.  I have had no energy and sleeping is the most fun thing to do on medicine. It makes living your life a lot harder.

In this case, pain medication was necessary; it is just interesting to see how the human body can react to foreign chemicals made in a lab.

I took myself off of all prescription medications about one year ago. It is one of the best choices I could have made. I used to get headaches a lot from a prescription I would take.  To get rid of those headaches, I would take Excedrin. So I was eating medicine all the time.  Just by going off of the prescription and giving my body a break, I rarely have headaches.  If I do get a headache, I can usually curve it by either lying down, inverting into a yoga pose, visiting the chiropractor, or eating a nutritious veggie dinner. Also, FYI, any drug that is approved by the FDA is guaranteed to be tested on animals. If you live a vegan lifestyle, then it goes against what you believe. Even after numerous studies present findings that testing on animals is not 100% effective, companies still do it because they do not care to find another solution.

Of course, modern medicine is necessary sometimes, however, be choosy! Don’t jump to a prescription medicine fix. Go to the root of the problem. Go natural when you can. Your body will thank you by giving you lots of energy and not passing out!

This is my kind of prescription!!!

Mary Holland is a Vegan, a yogi, lover of life and new found blogger.  She discusses everything from freedom for all beings, vegan recipes, and yoga.  Check her blog out here

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About Mary Holland

Mary Holland is a Vegan, a yogi, lover of life and new found blogger. She discusses everything from freedom for all beings, vegan recipes and yoga. Check her blog out at Changing The World, One Veggie at a Time.


7 Responses to “The Biggest Drug Dealers have PhDs.”

  1. The original Carol says:

    Mary, Mary, Mary. I'm happy you're asking the most basic question: Are all these drugs really necessary? But hope you realize soon that your actions fed this prescription disaster. First, did you question the medical professional when surgery was recommended? Did you ask for a second opinion? Next, unquestionably taking three drugs at the same time? Really?! And then surprised when you reacted to what could have been an accidental overdose. The frighteningly powerful drug industry in this country is at the very heart and soul of what's wrong with the world. Greed. A trusting, child-like, ill-informed population is a perfect feeding ground for these legal 'dealers'. Most drugs are brought to market without ever knowing the long-term impact on those who take them. I'm hopeful you've just taken the first step towards challenging this powerful machine but the second step is action. Write to your elected officials and demand all lobbyists be ejected from Washington. Keep reading and keep asking questions, Mary. Thankfully you've recovered.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Carol! I definately questioned surgery with five different opinions and I researched the medicine. I agree that steps need to be continued toward attacking the presciption drug industry, however my personal opinion was after an intensive surgery, pain medicine was in order. I wish I could be stronger and deny the medicines and when I can, I do. I ask that you question what you take and strive towards an all natural state of being. Like I said, personal opinion, sometimes medine is neccessary, just don't let it be the go to fix. Thanks for reading!

  2. Michael dow says:

    i don't understand the tag line–the biggest drug dealers have PhDs. You don't mention Phds in the article. What gives?

  3. Christine Baker says:

    Wow. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I was only prescribed one pain drug. The doctor called me after two days and told me to wean my self off of it by using ibuprofen. I also had something more substantial in my stomach other than fruit juice. I had applesauce and cottage cheese. When I felt up to it, I made myself some scrambled eggs so i could have some protein in my stomach without having to chew anything. I'm not sure what substitutions could have been made for a vegan, but a vegan would know 🙂

  4. […] While many elephant readers probably have varying opinions on this, I consider antibiotics a necessary evil. They’re terrible for you and I avoid them whenever possible, but I didn’t particularly want to fuck around when it came to Lyme disease. I popped what my doctor told me to. […]

  5. “…BUT, be choosey.” “However” there makes a run-on sentence. What is wrong with “but”?

  6. russhessay says:

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