August 5, 2010

When I’m President, bike thieves will be tarred & feathered & publicly shamed. Then, they’ll be hung:

Bike Thieves deserve our Forgiveness.

(Just kidding)


The Lowest Among Us.

We’ve all had bikes stolen. I’ve had two—one when I was a broke little kid and one a year or so ago. So, reading this report was cathartic. Excerpt:

Detectives said the Odea brothers were different from other bike thieves because they targeted high-end bikes strapped to vehicles in the downtown Boulder area, and they did most of their work during the day in public.

Because of the difficulty tracking down bikes without serial numbers, the detectives have only recovered 12 of the 65 bicycles that the Odea brothers are suspected of stealing. All 12 of those bikes were taken in Boulder, they said.

“And we rarely recovered a bike worth less than $1,000,” Detective Ruth Christopher said. “Right now, we are trying to find one that is worth more than $7,000.”

Among the other suspected bike thieves that Boulder police have arrested this summer are Stephen Lee Smith, 24, and Joshua Douglas Hughes, 23, both of whom were arrested in July. Officers arrested Robert Russel Crable, 45, on Monday on suspicion of bike theft, said police Cmdr. Kim Stewart.

Through July 23, Boulder police took 275 bike theft reports. Last year, through the same period, officers took 430 bike theft reports. Detective Christopher said the thefts might be going down, in part, because of a greater awareness…read the rest here, it’s cathartic.

Click here for more catharsis.

You can’t get lower than a bike thief—for many it’s our only mode of transport. For all it’s healthy, eco-responsible.

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