Bon Appetit Names Boulder Foodiest Town in America.

Via Angela Raines
on Sep 23, 2010
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A Delicious Honor.

Oh man. Everyday brings a new reason I’m glad I moved to Boulder, be it the weather, the bike accessibility, or the preponderance of killer coffee.

The latest comes from Bon Appetit Magazine, which just named Boulder “America’s Foodiest Town 2010.” In a glowing and mouth-watering review, Andrew Knowlton describes dishes from favorite local restaurants and watering holes like The Kitchen, Mateo, Frasca, and The Bitter Bar. He attempts the full Boulder experience by going car-free for his week in town, and revels in how much better burgers and beer taste after a good hike.

To be precise, a “foodie” isn’t a “gourmet,” “gourmand,” or “glutton.” A foodie is someone who’s passionate about enjoying and learning about food, be it the local heirloom tomatoes, molecular gastronomy, or their grandmother’s ambrosial dumplings. Boulder’s full of people who love and care about their food, from farm to plate.

God, I love this town.


About Angela Raines

Angela Raines hails from "America's most dangerous city," St. Louis, MO. She recently moved to Boulder, CO (as one does) to write, do yoga, and sit. So far, this has worked out beyond her wildest dreams. She completed an editorial internship at Elephant Journal and still writes for them when Waylon reminds her. She landed a job at the company of her dreams, Integral Life, and is currently putting her third-person writing skills to work in her own online writing business, Conscious Copywriting. Her main teachers are Jun Po Roshi and Ken Wilber. She is an enthusiast of all things yogic, contemplative, and chocolate.


5 Responses to “Bon Appetit Names Boulder Foodiest Town in America.”

  1. Natalie says:

    Delicious as always Angela!

    A fan & fellow foodie,

  2. beej says:

    You used "killer" twice. Eschew adjectives. Deploy verbs. I LOVE YOU dearly, but really. Otherwise delicious, as always!

  3. AngelaRaines says:

    Oh, dear! I am aghast and appalled. I mean — I aghast and appall myself. 😉 Fixed. Thank you!

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