September 24, 2010

Choose Love in Birth.

3 Ways to Create a Sacred Space Around Pregnancy & Birth

Each morning as I awaken from my slumber I offer a prayer or intention for the day, giving thanks for my life and my breathe. Seeing the sun shining through my window and hearing the birds sing their song, I look forward to what the day may bring with love, trust, and excitement. A new day! Imagine all the wondrous possibilities for life and love today!

But, what if I eat breakfast and get food poisoning and spend the day in the bathroom? But, what if I go for a run and sprain my ankle and am stranded in the woods? But, what if…?

The list could go on, but thankfully I do not waste my precious morning pondering all the possible ways misfortune could find its way into my life! If I did that, I would never make it out of my bed in the morning out of fear for my life. Fear of Life. Out of fear of life comes death. How can I live my life if I am afraid? Fear would prevent me from living.

Fear also interferes with a Mama’s ability to bring new life to this earth.

Pre-conception and pregnancy are the perfect opportunities to refine our skills in noticing and releasing our fears of birthing. If you live in our society today, the fear surrounding birth is noticeable and damaging to ourselves and our creations. Thankfully, we can harness our own unique power to reduce our fear. Each of us creates an energetic space or field around pregnancy and birth beginning with our first thought. We see birth portrayed in a movie, we hear a birth story from a friend, or we watch a birth video online, and our birth field is created. We have within our power, the ability to determine what we place into our birth field.

But, what if my baby doesn’t descend? But, what if I cannot handle the intensity? But, what if…?

Notice these thoughts. Notice what comes to into your awareness. These are your fears and now that you have brought them into awareness, you can work to eliminate your fears and birth in love. Stressful situations exist both in life and in birth, but preparation for life and birth do not need to unfold based on fear.

Fear prevents the body from birthing as it was designed to do, requiring the interventions that often lead to increased pain and jeopardize the health and well being of mama and baby. Mamas muscles tighten, her breathe becomes shallow, and her body cannot open. Fear prevents us from living. Fear prevents us from birthing.

To live is to love. To live is to birth our creations free of fear. To live is to breathe deeply and move freely.

Mamas muscles relax, her belly breathe deepens, and her body opens. Embrace your life and your love as you grow and birth your baby!

Here are the first steps to releasing your fears around birth:

  • * Educate yourself with appropriate books,  classes, and birth videos that teach you the ins and outs of how birth really can unfold as nature intended.
  • * Surround yourself with loving friends and family and supportive care providers who trust birth and can share the beauty of birth with you.
  • * Awaken each moment of the day with positive thoughts of birth.

Let us created a sacred space around pregnancy and birth, free of fear, and full of love. Love for the life we have created and love for the life we birth into this world.

Here are three ways to create your sacred birth field:

  1. Mantra: Create a positive affirmation and repeat it often. An example is, “My body is perfectly designed to grow and birth a healthy happy baby.” Notice yourself transform!
  2. Meditation: Relax often in a nurturing space where you can quiet your mind and emotions. Speak to your baby from your heart space and listen to what you receive back.
  3. Movement: Honor the beauty of your changing body through yoga, dance, or other low-impact movement during pregnancy. Tune into your body and your baby and receive what comes through you whether it be emotions, feelings, thoughts, or visuals.

Enjoy this special time in your life as you create new life within yourself. You are the channel for new life on this earth! Give yourself the gift of a sacred pregnancy and birth, learning, releasing, growing, and awakening to the possibilities of beauty in birth and the beauty that you are.  Make it beautiful!

(Photo courtesy of Shell Dransart, Wildflower Studio)

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