September 20, 2010

Love: No More Parts. No More Whole.

Human relationships are weird…

On the one hand they are localized complex arrangements of different conceptual and physiological processes interacting with one another, and to greater and lesser degrees passing judgments on the value of such exchanges.

This of course is the dynamic when the relationship is infected with insanity.

On the other hand, and this hand has a great deal more depth, human beings have the capacity to relate with one another on such a level that they cease to be “one & another.” When sanity pervades the relationship it is discovered that these conceptual & physiological processes are not separate processes, but merely aspects or dimensions of a greater process.

This greater process knows no limits, so much so that it cannot even be called one or the whole, which of course means that in the final analysis these “aspects” cannot be singled out as parts.

Such a discovery is often called Love…

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Read 4 comments and reply

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