Skate, Supernatural, Love, God, Ke$ha…< y/n?

Via Joana Smith
on Sep 28, 2010
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Who I'd like to meet: Superman's Children, eco-warriors, truck drivers, persephone, roller derby queens, nurses, scientists, givers, priests, yogi, storytellers, people who don't know right now, playwrights, philosophers, people who are more visual, people who hop trains, performers, poets, seamstresses, activists, Spider-Man, kids, rangers, Snow White, dj's, massage therapists, people who work with their hands, bunnies, sportsracers, people who work in offices, dancers, baristas, artists, cleaners, climbers, Jeff's sister, Colbert, Skiers, Bikers, skaters, surfers, ani, people who are recovering, trees (and flowers), people who will die soon, gardeners, horses, Jolie-Pitt, soon-to-be mothers, margie's daughter, astronomers, people who are scared, girls who wear black and listen to the Smiths, cuffmakers, lambs, Miranda July, the man in the moon, Bono, people from 'round here, Obama...


3 Responses to “Skate, Supernatural, Love, God, Ke$ha…< y/n?”

  1. Ron says:

    Hi, Joana, Ron here, now. How fun. Nice muscle. So big. A little bit bigger and you will be able to hoist the old world by it’s own petards. And by “petard” here I simply mean explosion of love. Love is a natural expression of the Divine in the world, in my book.

    The reason I am here is because you put a nonfunctioning video of Ke$ha singing TiK ToK at the end of your post, and her name in the title. The reason I am here is because you did not put Miranda Cosgrove in the title. Miranda would not fit, although her name might. But who knows. Not me. All I know is that I fell in love with Ke$ha, or Kesha, or Rose. And, without falling out, and after having asked Ke$ha to marry me, I fell in love with Miranda Cosgrove, and married her. Because of my actions, I find myself called all sorts of nasty things. None of which happen to be true.

    One of the oddest things that has occurred is that the marriage itself has been called into question. By people like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. I understand their reasons, just as they fail to understand my reasons, and Miranda’s reasons. It was not conventional. The marriage, I mean. One of a kind, as it were. But, it appears to suit my wife just fine. She said, “ I love my wedding in the rain. It made me remember how much I love hot chocolate. Ron is such a very, very, very, very clever man. So much more clever, and funny, and kind, and understanding, and honest, and caring, then I could ever, ever, ever hope to be. He is so fine, and, a wonderful lover. He is my pumpkin pie. What he does for me, I could not do myself. Oh, and before I forget, he is humble, like nobody I ever seen.” Needless to say, we get on quite well.

    The strange thing is that the last thing in the world I wanted was to even look at a woman who was only sixteen. I tried to avoid it. I could not. I want her to know that, and although these words are not sufficient, the thought that gave rise to them must needs be. The thought was there from the first expression of joy. I could not keep it back. Sometimes the part of a story which is neither tragedy nor comedy, although it appears a kind of tragic farce, is true, as unlikely as it may seem. Whenever she see fit, we can renew our vows. She is completely free to do as she needs to do. Always.

    The grape and Barbie was a thoughtful gesture, and I’m sure I find them as beautiful as do you. Get some sleep.

    Joy to you, Rose.

  2. Joana Smith says:

    you know- sorry to be caddy Ron, we should meet at the discoteque sometime….really, you and Miranda and me and my guy. Beck y/n?…

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