The Only Reason I’ll Post a Bikini Pic. ~ Marcie Goldman

Via Marcie Goldman
on Sep 2, 2010
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Low Fat/Cal Diets are a Wasted Promise.

E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic has infertility issues that she concludes are a result of her age (35).

But just looking at Giuliana, you have to wonder if her difficulty in having children is more than just age. After all, there are plenty of 35-year-olds, not in Hollywood, who are conceiving naturally.

I’m not picking on skinny girls. I’m raising the point that Giuliana and her doctors have not looked at the importance of nutrition. It looks like there’s a case for malnourishment here. I doubt that she’s at her ideal body weight after seeing her daily diet & exercise regimen—she works (and starves) for that body. There’s been some sane talk of her needing to gain weight, but her gaining the prescribed 5 pounds doesn’t cover it, as my cohort Annmarie writes on

What about nutrition?

If she wants to help other women by showing them the hurdles of infertility, I hope she gets to the bottom line: How can you conceive on a diet so low in essential nutrients like fat, carbs and calories? And I might add, do you really need to eat like that to be slim and fit?

This news also gave me the chance to see I’m not doing that bad..! I eat more calories in one meal than Giuliana does in a day (yes, literally). My high fat, real food diet including butter and eggs (with the yolks) is serving me very well. I never thought I’d post a bikini pic (above left), but I was having a proud moment.

I don’t kill myself with workouts and tons of cardio, I ask for extra butter when eating out (she makes sure no butter passes her lips) and I eat a lot of real, high quality, nutrient dense food. It’s because of this diet that I get to be so relaxed about calories and fat and haven’t had to worry about my weight since discovering this way of eating. I used to be a “dieter” like Giuliana, so her situation was a chance to remember where I’ve come from.

I’m shouting out to all the women who think they need to keep themselves on a shoestring regimen (a strict low fat/low carb/low sugar/low calorie/high cardio diet) to look good. It’s not that hard!

If you want to find out more about what I eat, feel free tosend me an email.

There’s nothing that lights up Marcie Goldman more than getting you glowy-good health – and she does that by helping you start fresh. Marcie had to unlearn all the so-called “nutrition facts” before she got healthy and that’s where she starts with her clients. 

Then she fills you up with fad-free, counter-culture, result based nutrition recommendations to get you off the diet-crazy-train and back in control of your appetite. 

Marcie has a thriving practice in Boulder, CO and nationally via Skype. Her work combines functional medicine strategies with nourishing wise woman traditions, a stellar combination that she has honed over the last 10+ years in her professional one-on-one & group work. 

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36 Responses to “The Only Reason I’ll Post a Bikini Pic. ~ Marcie Goldman”

  1. *K* says:

    great pic. thanks for sharing. I try to keep up to date on the latest in nutritional research, etc. and remember a year or two ago seeing a slight increase in published articles re: low fat diets in particular being related to fertility issues. evidently the fat is necessary in some way for hormone production, and women in one particular study who had previously followed low-fat diets and switched to whole-fat dairy products only (no other changes in diet) were found to become pregnant quicker than their low-fat counterparts. I will try to find the link. very interesting!!

  2. AMO says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Thank you for modeling balance, in posture, in diet, in life. Thank you for modeling natural health and beauty. Thank you standing there, uncovered, and letting us see what it means to eat and be healthy. Every new diet fad, low fat, low carb, high protein, low sugar, no fat, blah, blah, blah, makes Americans fatter and less healthy. Every year billions are spent on diet products and services and we get fatter and fatter. The women who starve themselves to avoid this outcome are no healthier than the fat people they are so afraid of. They are just self destructing in a different way.

    I wonder what is happening to women in our society that we are so afraid of being powerful and being women that we are willing to "disappear" ourselves in order to "fit" somehow into a life that doesn't fit anyone.

    Thank you for letting your butter eating self be seen in all it's glory….

  3. Blake says:

    Okay I just read what she eats. My hamster eats more than that.

  4. […] were interested in the big picture, because when you take care of the big picture not only does your body find its ideal weight but you also get a host of other benefits, such as being centered, enjoying the full spectrum of […]

  5. Alli says:

    Thank you for this, Marcie!

  6. Mari says:

    You look great in you bikini! You should be proud. So many women don't understand that it's just about balance. And not dieting, but actually living a healthy life style. Thanks for sharing this! I hope it inspires someone to make that shift.

  7. Marcie Goldman says:

    Thanks, *K*! I think I found the study you are referring to (from The Nurses' Health Study – an 8 year research project that studied the effects of diet on several health conditions, including 'ovulatory' infertility (there are several causes for infertility, they have addressed the problem with not ovulating regularly). This is what they discovered about the importance of fat on fertility: "The more low-fat dairy products in a woman's diet, the more likely she was to have had trouble getting pregnant. The more full-fat dairy products in a woman's diet, the less likely she was to have had problems getting pregnant."
    It was funny to read on in the article that the news was "shocking" and you could tell they could hardly bring themselves to endorse the concept of full fat so they went on to say, only do this while trying to get pregnant. As if any further 'experimentation' in the realm of fat is unknown and potentially dangerous. If it's good for getting pregnant… I know, they need more scientific evidence before they can endorse anything. But kudos to the Nurses' Health Study for putting some money into the study of 'diet and health'. Some great discoveries!
    The other factors they mention: "slow carbs, not no carbs", more plant based protein than animal (although it's likely that the study participants were not eating grass-fed organic animal protein), the role of body weight (weighing too much or too little can be a problem), and the importance of exercise.

  8. Sarah says:

    Thank you. I LOVE this post and totally agree…

  9. this is awesome. thanks, marcie! and, p.s. girlfriend, you're hot! xoxo

  10. Marcie Goldman says:

    You bet!

  11. Marcie Goldman says:

    WooHoo! Thank you Sarah! Right on.

  12. Marcie Goldman says:

    Yes! Thanks so much, Sara. You're makin' me feel might fine ; )! xo back at ya.

  13. Leslie says:

    If I looked like you in that bikini, I’d wear it to church in December! Just kidding, of course. You look spectacular and, most importantly, you look like you FEEL spectacular.

    I started out approximately 80lb overweight. I have lost 35 in the past 5 months. I am very excited about my new way of eating and my new attitude toward food. I couldn’t understand why my knees creaked, my migraines ached, I felt horrible, and couldn’t sleep. FOOD IS FUEL! I put crap in and got crappy results. Now, I’m doing much better. Thank you for this article. It helped me stay motivated.

  14. That Giuliana lady seems sad and obsessed with food. 🙁

    You seem healthy, informed, and, um, smokin hot!

    great post.

  15. Mike says:

    A healthy woman is much more attractive than a malnourished skin and bones person.

    Nice article, thank you.

  16. elise says:

    You look beautiful and healthy, a true inspiration for all women who have struggled with their weight!

  17. candicegarrett says:

    perfectly said and likewise 🙂

  18. Davis says:

    When I originally commented I clicked the ?Notify me when new feedback are added? checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way it is possible to remove me from that service? Thank you

  19. Abram says:

    Many thanks for publishing about this. There?s a mass of important tech info on the web. You?ve obtained a whole lot of that info right here in your web page. I?m amazed ? I attempt to retain a couple blogs pretty on-going, but it?s a battle at times. You?ve performed an awesome career with this 1. How do you do it?

  20. Marcie Goldman says:

    The sad thing is she thinks she has to eat this way. You have to train yourself *hard* to not like fat, it's part of the 3 major macronutrients (protein and carbohydrates are the other two). That means, we NEED to eat these food groups to get certain vitamins, minerals and nutrition in order to LIVE. It's so much about wiping out the nutrition myths, or as my colleague Marc David says, the "high-fact" diets, and re-educating! Thanks, Blake.

  21. elephantjournal says:


    Jennifer Ricketts Props to this woman! 🙂 (the one who wrote the article)

    Shannon Grace Bowyer Good point (the author)! Giuliana probably also needs to get her estrogen up to the right levels. Young Living's Progessence Plus Serum does that and it's so awesome and it's so easy too. Just a couple drops in your hands and then rub it on your forearms and your neck. Wala! Helps with a whole list of things that we don't always realize are related to our hormone levels.

    Archangel Michael It takes more than a nutrition specialist to treat a sick society…

    Merret Anne Mann
    Yes, indeed this is true… It takes more than one person – and yet I have seen Marcie's "tool" kit benefit a neighbor of mine in such amazing ways. Be the change right? In the midst of many difficult life changes Marcie met her where she …is/was & helped her find the energy she needed to move through this time with gusto- she has also lost 15lbs in a couple months which doesn't hurt .
    I am personally thankful to have Marcie, this courageous woman, in our community!
    Kaaren Tekla Fladager Marcie has a good message, but why does she choose to use this woman's infertility as a springboard to promote her own message (and her own body, and her own fertility)? Ditto for Shannon Grace Bowyer. Infertility is anguishing, and photos such as the one Marcie posted often create more suffering. Infertility can have many causes, diet is just one component.

    Shannon Grace Bowyer
    I'm sorry to say that I had prejudged Giuliana way back when on basically nothing and didn't like her until I watched her show. Now I think she's quite a character and funny too. I did think that when she was trying to get rid of her fear o…f heights that there were a couple of other things she could have done like EFT or Reiki or even some of the YL essential oils for releasing fears. I would've loved to have shared some of that with her and also gotten those powerful healing modalities out to other people who might be open to them and needing help too.
    Megan Marie
    Though well-intentioned…I thought Ms. Goldman's message was naive and ill-informed. Infertility is mean and cruel, and there are far more unkowns than knowns about the subject. Moreover, it is a real medical condition. It is also an in…tensely private subject. Guilana could have many reasons other than weight or age–male factor, immunity issues, PCOS, polyps, genetic issues, etc. etc. the list can be long and complex. Having more than 7 years of experience on the subject, I know how anquishing and painful the path can be. There is nothing more galling than the "oh, just gain a little weight and it will all happen…", or worse.."just relax…"

    Don't get me wrong–I am passionate about nutrition and holistic modalities being central in the quest to conceive. But to place the focus on one individual's weight, diet and exercise habits is ill-informed, short-sighted and naive. And come on…can't we as women transcend the constant comparison between our bodies…? Leave the bikini at home. I wish Giuliana well.

  22. elephantjournal says:

    Marcie Goldman
    Thank you for your comments. I am very sensitive to the condition of infertility, in fact, that’s why I wrote this article – to shed light on a topic that too often boils down to statistics and age. I want to avoid the backlash Giuliana Ran…cic’s infertility issues can cause: worrying, discouraging and pressuring young women into thinking they too may have infertility issues if they are 35 and older.

    I would not have known about Giuliana Rancic’s infertility issues had she not shared them with the public on her reality show, on talk shows and interviews. Giuliana has told the public that it is because of her age that she is dealing with infertility (male infertility, PCOS, and the like are not being blamed). I am supporting Giuliana Rancic by getting upset at her doctors and “Hollywood culture.” They’ve misinformed her about the causes of infertility, how to obtain an ideal body weight as well as promoting an ever-decreasing ideal body size.

    I agree with you that the problem is not age or weight, and it's unfortunate that she has believed her doctors diagnosis. I also agree with you that recommendations like “gain weight” and “don’t stress” are overly simplistic solutions. My article specifically addresses ‘weight’ and begs the relevance of nutrition. Diet plays a huge factor in fertility, especially with an age-related diagnosis (egg quality and quality) or ovulatory infertility. To me, an age-related diagnosis is not incurable; it asks us to look further. Diet and lifestyle are major considerations in how quickly or slowly we age. It is completely shortsighted to not focus on diet, especially in this case when we know that Giuliana is clearly malnourished. (She has shared her daily diet with the public on her blog). I wish her doctors would thoroughly investigate her nutrition status, but this is not their specialty. It’s up to us to get informed, and Giuliana’s role as a journalist and public figure could help her help even more women.

    A strict no-fat diet eliminates one of the three major macronutrients, the food groups that give us essential (must get from diet, body does not produce) vitamins, minerals and nutrients in order to live and make the right amount of hormones. Protein and carbohydrates are the other two macronutrients, and she is very limited in carbohydrates, as well. Instead of estrogen cream, by eating a whole foods diet with sufficient amounts of fats, protein and carbohydrates, you can balance hormones with diet alone. (For people too nutritionally unbalanced, they will need medication or nutrients to get back to balance). When someone’s diet is compromised and they have fertility issues, it is imperative to make dietary adjustments before writing it off as “infertility.” To simply say gain weight is totally avoiding the issue.

    Please be clear, I am not blaming Giuliana. She is just misinformed. She believes she is very healthy, eating the RECOMMENDED low-calorie diet and is okay with working out that hard. She believes she needs to cut out fat in order to ‘keep her figure’ and that might be true, but my other point is the Hollywood culture of ‘super skinny’ being the ideal body type is unfortunate and hazardous to our health.

    My photo was an attempt to be dramatically different from what’s out there. I was indeed comparing myself, but instead of flaunting the ‘super skinny’ I was proudly showing a larger body that doesn’t kill itself to be thin – inspiring other women that it’s possible to have a great figure without a low-calorie-high-cardio diet. This issue effects millions of women and men. According to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, 100 to 130 million people in this country claim they are on a diet or want to lose weight. And over 6 million women have impaired fertility. The numbers are rising as with other modern diseases due to diet, lifestyle, environmental and cultural implications.

    Our beliefs about what fertility impairment means about us, our womanly-ness, our family or “lack”-there-of is excruciatingly painful. I want to help women take the stigma out of fertility impairment by continuing to talk and share the anguish and the breakthroughs. I think it’s important to understand more about its causes and not write it off as “old” eggs. For some women, I believe there are biological reasons for infertility that cannot be affected by diet, lifestyle and environmental factors, but for many more, it can.

  23. Laura Kay says:

    Unless you have personal info on G and/or access to her medical records it's slander to make comments. Her breast cancer may have played a role – we have no idea. Stating that a bikini pic is somehow scandalous also shames the intrinsic beauty of any body. If you'd ever like to pose NUDE for me I'm available as your photographer.

  24. Didge says:

    I'm with you, Laura. Infertility is a horrible condition. I get the author's concern about diet etc but using this woman as an example is cruel, IMHO. Despite Giuliana's coming public about this, we really do not know exactly what she is going through emotionally. There are myriad factors at work when it comes to the condition of infertility, and they all compound each other as time goes on. It is pure hell. I do not know enough about her to know whether or not that kid in the picture is hers and what troubles she went through herself to conceive, but I am drawing the conclusion the author had a happy easy breezy pregnancy due to her offensive and assuming post.
    Also wondering why this was reposted, 2 years later, on the Elephant Journal's FB page?? What good can come of it? Even the links to Giuliana's diet are outdated. What's the point? Surely there are better posts on the value of nutrition if you want to herald the benefits of good eating.
    Just my two cents. 🙂

  25. Susan says:

    I am now 49. I am 5'6" and wear a size 6 or 8, and sometimes a 10. I do not own a scale. Likewise, I eat meats-most kinds. I drink wine, eat cheese, and there is always butter at my house! I'm from German stock, we love us that butter! During my 20's and 30's I was obsessed with my weight. Guess what? I am too old for that crap now! I am happy. I am healthy. Plus when I was 42 I had the cutest, sweetest , funniest little boy ever! I had my gorgeous girl at 32. Just be real people! Eat real! Enjoy this sweet life and all it offers ! Stop with the angst, because that is what will do you in.

  26. martaisarollingstone says:

    I feel sorry for the poor Giuliana, I guess she just needs to eat that little to fit into the environment she lives in, with everyone so skinny and almost anorexic. It must be a terrible, everyday struggle and I bet that she is dreaming of a chocolate cake at night.
    But again, I think that being super skinny is one of the requirements in show biz, if you don't want to pointed out as a fattie by gossip columns.

    Marcie, thank you for sharing your outlook on healthy diets and your eating habits! Very much appreciated!!

  27. Stacey says:

    It is great to see a trend in more women wanting strong healthy bodies with muscles and not skinny bodies Unlike some of the other readers I did not feel that your were being harsh. She put herself out there with her comments and you are doing that as well.Working on changing things like diet is much less cruel than going through fertility which is taxing on the body and quite expensive! I would think it is worth the try.. I found that after reaching 40 staying fit is more difficult. I eat a mostly pant based diet although not Vegan ( I eat eggs and occasionally small amounts of fish depending on what I am training for ). I work out 6 days a week, running, yoga, weight training some cardio. I wish I could say like you that it was not hard work but for me it is, although I enjoy being active. Thanks for sharing

  28. Savitri says:

    It saddens me to see women starve themselves for their perceived notion of beauty that, in the process, depriving them of what they want and are capable of manifesting (in this case becoming a mother). I became a doula in 2008 because 3 of my close friends became pregnant at around the same time and asked me to be their doula. All were 40+, ranging from 41 to 44. Of course all of them were considered "high risk" but with all being Yoga teachers and practitioners, all moms and babies who have just celebrated their 4th year are very very healthy today. Healthy = Happy!

  29. Lakshmi says:

    I've always felt this to be true on an intuitive level. In Ayurveda, the kapha (fat/fluid) element is connected to fertility…makes sense, which is why we naturally round out during pregnancy and after. Btw…it's also related to aging…people try so hard to be thin and then they end up with dull skin and hair with no glow or shine or elasticity. The skinny look that is so favored by modern culture is very vata (air element), which when out of balance leads to dryness and aging, not only in terms of looks, but also in terms of joint health, etc.

  30. Lakshmi says:

    This is not to "skinny-shame." Naturally skinny bodies can be in balance. It's just when we push our not necessarily naturally skinny bodies towards skinniness or naturally skinny bodies to extra-skinniness that we end up with imbalance that can lead to problems. So of course, there are plenty of skinny people who have no issues with fertility. Youth is also on people's side…youth has the kapha element, age, the vata element…this is true of everyone no matter what your natural constitution. Vata is the enemy of fertility, whereas kapha is its friend. Anyone who is struggling with fertility could potentially benefit from adding a couple tablespoons of ghee or coconut oil or other healthy oil to their diet daily.

  31. Sonya says:

    That is wonderful!

  32. lulu says:

    you look truly beautiful and vibrant and healthy!!! why aren't more individuals trying to get pregnant starting first by looking at their diet? we have more infertile young woman today than ever and infertility clinics popping up all over…we need to shift this to going back to the basics of nutrition and healthy living! nice article xoxo

  33. Lucy says:

    I am 55 and I am in the best shape of my life. Muscles and toned. I eat pretty much what I want keeping to the healthier side of food items in general. I am not a purist and I do not overeat. I have taken photos of my Self in a bikini and my partner says I look better than the VS models. I have had compliments from two other women saying that I have the body of a teen. I exercise daily a combination of exercises which I have done since my early teens (minus when I was pregnant.) I have done an enormous amount of inner work resulting in way less emotional baggage which I think contributes very much to my present state of Being. Thanks for the article.

  34. Antoinette says:

    Jealousy perhaps? Somehow it is acceptable nowadays to make comments about and generally suggest…that every skinny girl is on diet. it is even okay to say so! When is it okay to tell a fat girl she's too fat? Being overweight affects not only your fertility, but also your health in hundreds of different ways…It's time to get some perspective! Focusing on how much we weigh and how much other women weigh is such a futile past time. As journalists and writers there should be a responsibility to change the focus!

  35. Julie Gilliam says:

    Did the author just write this to compare herself to Giuliana? This is ridiculous. I doubt she really knows the true reasons for her infertility.. Also there are millions of women all over the world that struggle with improper nutrition that still conceive. This article is petty and full of opinions based on more opinions. The elephant just posted an article earlier today about women not comparing themselves to others for ideas of beauty and how they should look to be happy. If Guiliana is happy, then I am happy for her. Audrey Hepburn was extremely thin, maybe the author should put a side by side with her and give us a run down on why she is healthier and happier than Audrey Hepburn was. Let’s see how that pans out.

    Write about something that helps people without putting other people down.