September 2, 2010

The Only Reason I’ll Post a Bikini Pic. ~ Marcie Goldman

Low Fat/Cal Diets are a Wasted Promise.

E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic has infertility issues that she concludes are a result of her age (35).

But just looking at Giuliana, you have to wonder if her difficulty in having children is more than just age. After all, there are plenty of 35-year-olds, not in Hollywood, who are conceiving naturally.

I’m not picking on skinny girls. I’m raising the point that Giuliana and her doctors have not looked at the importance of nutrition. It looks like there’s a case for malnourishment here. I doubt that she’s at her ideal body weight after seeing her daily diet & exercise regimen—she works (and starves) for that body. There’s been some sane talk of her needing to gain weight, but her gaining the prescribed 5 pounds doesn’t cover it, as my cohort Annmarie writes on cheeseslave.com.

What about nutrition?

If she wants to help other women by showing them the hurdles of infertility, I hope she gets to the bottom line: How can you conceive on a diet so low in essential nutrients like fat, carbs and calories? And I might add, do you really need to eat like that to be slim and fit?

This news also gave me the chance to see I’m not doing that bad..! I eat more calories in one meal than Giuliana does in a day (yes, literally). My high fat, real food diet including butter and eggs (with the yolks) is serving me very well. I never thought I’d post a bikini pic (above left), but I was having a proud moment.

I don’t kill myself with workouts and tons of cardio, I ask for extra butter when eating out (she makes sure no butter passes her lips) and I eat a lot of real, high quality, nutrient dense food. It’s because of this diet that I get to be so relaxed about calories and fat and haven’t had to worry about my weight since discovering this way of eating. I used to be a “dieter” like Giuliana, so her situation was a chance to remember where I’ve come from.

I’m shouting out to all the women who think they need to keep themselves on a shoestring regimen (a strict low fat/low carb/low sugar/low calorie/high cardio diet) to look good. It’s not that hard!

If you want to find out more about what I eat, feel free tosend me an email.

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