October 15, 2010

Awkwardness on an Elevator: Don’t Just Bob Your Head to Elevator Music

The next time you’re on an elevator when the door closes and it’s just you and another person, or several people, I dare you to say something. Elevator rides can be the most awkward and uncomfortable environments on the planet, and the music doesn’t help the silence. You’re in a small confined space where seconds feel like hours, and you can’t wait for the doors to open to inhale what you believe to be fresh air. Instead of fixating on the awkwardness, do something about it.  Take time to tell someone you like their shirt, glasses, or shoes. I’m a believer that opportunities and partnerships can be developed on elevator rides. These partnerships can lead to networking opportunities. You never know who will be in the elevator with you, and it could change your life for the better.  The next time you’re taking the elevator up to the 15th floor in silence, break the ice and say something kind to brighten someone’s day, and possibly further advance your career.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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