Spotlight Bullying.

Via Maureen Miller
on Oct 23, 2010
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Watch the President’s message on bullying. It doesn’t matter if you are a supporter of President Obama or not, watch and listen and notice his sincerity.  I am still an Obama fan because I feel he is a person who really gives a damn about the American people. I am not naive about the challenges the country is facing, but I am reminded when I see videos like this –  I am happy and proud he is our President.

Other information about bullying can be found below:

You tube video made by a young girl, named Sharon – worth watching with your kids:


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4 Responses to “Spotlight Bullying.”

  1. helene_rose says:

    Thanks Maureen for bringing this to light. I was bullied myself as a child, often felt alone and misunderstood. It has definitely played a large part in who I am today. "Bullying is not just a rite of passage!" says Obama. I enjoyed the videos.

    Helene Rose

  2. One project I am working on concerns bullying. My hope is to produce a program that allows us to overcome bullying by teaching young people how to gift the divine within themselves to the other. It will have a Franciscan flavor thought it could also be summed up in the word namaste. Thus I agree with the positive sentiment that something needs to be done.

    However, I am puzzled by your citing Obama in the same article. He surrounds himself with bullies (Rahm Emanuel, George Soros, Andy Stern, Cass Sunstein, and others) and takes the bully position (whose ass to kick) and generally is a divisive figure who embodies some of the worst aspects of bullying. A bit confusing that he would be included in your analysis.

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