October 21, 2010

Top 10+ Lessons from My Yoga Teachers.

1. It’s okay to cry on my mat anytime for any reason at all. Yoga is pretty good therapy and it is a great bargain.
2. I can be a fierce yogini, articulating my highest hopes.
3. I can interpret the Yoga Sutras myself. It’s not just for the sages.
4. I can set an intention and make it come true.
5. I am not behind. I can be slow. I can take my time.
6. I can pause and take a deep breath before I say something. My breath connects me to my Source and my Resource.
7. I can do something really huge and amazing, hand it over to a committee, and then start my personal life over.
8. I can be a totally on fire feminist vegan, and that is totally lovable.
9. Sometimes I know more about some things than my teachers.
10. Working in groups is uplifting. I don’t have to do it alone. Ever.
11. I can use political theorists to describe spiritual activism, as I see it.
12. I can make friends with new people who are healthy, conscious, spiritually motivated allies.
13. I can dream big. People who I never could have imagined would support me will show up and back me up.
14. I can sit in awe of the Divine, and not have to name it, but just enjoy it.
15. Getting physically assisted is a critical part of contemporary yoga practice. Having a hands-on support system is an amazing way to heal.
16. People in intentional communities are living the simple, yogic ideals to which we aspire. It is a sustainable way of life, and people are working on it and living it. It’s not just a dream.
17. There are men out there who are strong in their spiritual integrity.
18. One woman can make a difference for a river that is dying.
19. Some people are also believing like me, getting up every day really dreaming of something, and they are just going for it.
20. Children want to run around at kirtan concerts. Let them do it.
21. Some old hippies have been doing this for a few decades. They know what is going on.
22. It’s a sign of respect to ask, even when you know it’s probably okay.
23. I can try something new and I might like it a whole bunch.
24. I can lose my rigidity in what I think is spiritual or spiritual practice. It’s exciting.
25. Nada Yoga is heavenly, especially in an old cathedral in England flickering with 50 candles at twilight.
26. Connections are important. Some people want a connection to me and it’s okay for me to give that. I am learning about how it works.
27. When someone gives me their full attention without expecting anything in return, it is a total blessing to me.
28. People are interested in what I think. I am very honored by that.
29. You never know who somebody is. If you screw up their lunch order, try to make amends of some kind. Don’t act like you don’t care.
30. Resources are found in unlikely places.
31. Try just walking around. You’re bound to find something cool, interesting, and profound.
32. People want a regular spiritual practice, and some of them do not know how to incorporate it into their lives. They may fear mainstream religion, and are just trying to find their way.
33. For some people, gender boundaries are fluid and that deserves respect. We don’t need to question them. We can just be their friend and accept them as they are, even if we have unanswered questions.
34. I can kick back and relax. I can dance like I used to dance. Sometimes, I don’t need a plan.
35. Every little bit counts. For my yoga fundraiser, my friends and I paid for anti-viral drugs for five children in South Africa next year.
36. I can change my yoga to how I want it to be. I can dance on my mat!
37. There are a lot of women doing incredible things out there. I feel so lucky to have met them.
38. My story is valid, important, and worth sharing.
39. I can go as deep as I want. I can grow. I can expand. I am completely safe.


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