November 2, 2010

Boulder: Don’t Miss Jun Po Roshi Tonight!

‘Cos He’s The Ultimate Zen Bad Ass.

Sorry to get the word out last minute, but if you’re eating dinner now, drop your fork and head to Boulder Integral to see Jun Po Roshi speak tonight!  Five reasons why you should check him out:

1. He’s HUGE into sustainability, and teaches that, with true meditative insight, anything other than environmental mindfulness becomes unfathomable. He’s one of the only spiritual teachers I’ve come across who gets this.

2. He was head of the family that developed Windowpane LSD in the 70s. He’s got a righteously interesting background!

3. He’s got lineage. He’s 83rd Patriarch of the Rinzai Zen School. He studied yoga with Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar.

4. He’s massively charismatic, articulate, and funny. He loves red wine and Zen tango, and is quite simply a pleasure to listen to.

5. He’ll deconstruct your world, but you’ll thank him for it. He’s updated the traditional koan system in a way that makes it more accessible for modern Americans, and it’s massively effective.

He’s speaking at Boulder Integral tonight (Tuesday, November 2) at 6:30pm.  The subject: Koans vs. Mantras.

Find more information about Jun Po and his order, Hollow Bones, here.

For more information about Boulder Integral and the event itself, go here.

For a taste, check out this charming clip of an interview he did with Stuart Davis:


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Read 4 comments and reply

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