Give the Elephants More Peanuts.

Via John Cameron
on Nov 3, 2010
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One morning last winter I was riding up the chair lift with this little 6 year old girl as my ski lesson for the day.

As we floated over all the skiers on the mountain below us, I say to her, “Hey, we should wave and yell down to those people.”

“Yeah,” she agreed, but by that time we had missed our chance. The skiers were gone.

“Oh well, next time,” I said.

Her feet swung freely under the chair despite the skis stuck to them. Our chair squeaked over the wheels of another tower as more skiers came over the hill into view.  They came closer and the girl grabbed the safety bar, leaned over and waited till they were right below us.

Then, in a loud and friendly voice she shouted, “Give the elephants more PEANUTS!”

She proved to me there is no wrong way to say “have a nice day.”


About John Cameron

John Cameron writes from coffee places and green spaces while focusing on celebrating the seasonal. His art is inspired by travel and all things wild and his bag is never unpacked. More can be found at Wild Season.


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